Sunday, June 24, 2012

Turning 6

 My baby girl turned 6 at the end of April!  I am sad that she is growing up so fast, but there are a lot of fun things about her stage right now (such as being able to play Pretty, Pretty Princess).  I like LOVE birthdays.  We basically let Audrey choose everything she wanted to do on her birthday, and now that she is on year-round school she actually had her birthday off.  

The day started with breakfast at Dunkin Donuts, Audrey always gets the bacon, egg, and cheese wrap and a Boston Cream donut.  Phoenix had some...frosting.

 Audrey's current favorite shirt is this poodle one.  After breakfast we hit up Monkey Joes.  We had the place to ourselves and it was awesome.  I pretended that my kids needed help so that I could get my slide on.  The employees only had to tell me once to stop budging ;-).

 Whilst the kids and I played Travis literally fell asleep...right next to a pair of garbage cans.  He got in probably almost a solid 30 minutes.  Impressive, especially when you consider how loud  I er I mean the kids were being.
 Olive Garden for lunch, Chicken and Gnocchi soup for the birthday girl, with several plates full of Parmasean cheese.
 Then we were off to the Science Museum (this girl LOVES science).  They had added a new wing, which is huge and very high tech if you ask me.  I still like the kid part the best though.
 Audrey loves cherries, so I made her a cherry cake.  She didn't like it.  But it at least got the job done.
 I had to relight the candles at least 3 times because Phoenix kept blowing spitting them out.  I seriously think the kid extinguished them purely with excess saliva.
 Audrey got some monogrammed jammies from her Aunt Jessie (Eloise style!).
 She was so giddy when she opened up the treasure box filled with coins and cash...this picture captures it all.  Thanks Grandma Andrew!!

Audrey had "the best birthday ever" (her words), and Phoenix was the perfect little brother (aside from blowing her candles out...3 times).  It was a very fun day.  I love my little 6 year old!