Thursday, May 28, 2009

Seeing the Doctor

I had a Dr.'s appointment on Tuesday. I should mention before I go on that I have been planning on talking to Dr. into inducing me 1-2 weeks early (I am not going to lie...being pregnant bites). On my first visit he told me that I would not be able to have a big baby, so my argument for getting induced early was to make sure that the baby wouldn't be too big. Well, on Tuesday he said that I was measuring small and he wanted to get another ultrasound. So...I am pretty sure I will have to think of a new argument. Everything looked fine in the ultra sound. The Ultra sound Tech asked me if the Doctor said I was having a boy (Audrey kept talking about her baby brother), and I said yes. Then the tech started shaking her head and saying "Doctor Lane..." so of course I got very excited at the thought that I would be having another girl. Alas, after the baby moved a minute later the tech said the Dr. was probably right that it was a boy. Still, it was an exciting two minutes. So I have about 6 weeks till my due date (July 8th) but if things go as planned and the baby is born June 21st, that is less than a month away! June 21st you ask? OK, so I am a MAJOR nerd (like I have to tell you that) and I really like multiples of 7, 21 being one of those. Also, the only thing I ever learned and retained from earth science was the solstices, June 21st being the summer solstice. We are planning on naming him Phoenix, so I think being born on the summer solstice would be appropriate. My favorite thing about the city Phoenix is that it is sunny roughly about 360 days of the year.

So, to sum it up, the baby is small but healthy, he is still a boy, and I hope he is born on June 21st.

The Skinny

Yeah, I know, I have been absent for way too long. But I have a good excuse (I think so anyway). I went to NY for a week and then two of my wonderful sisters came down to NC the next week. And for the last two days I have been trying to get some pictures off of my camera...unsuccessfully. I am not sure what the problem is. So, I will do this post without the pictures I was planning on.

While I was in NY I got to spend time with my family. Between Jessie, Jo, my Mom, and my Dad and my brothers, I got to relax a lot of the time (Audrey would go to them when she wanted something...not me). Joanna even put her in time out a few times! Me and Jo sang a few Christmas carols in opera voices (she played the piano), I ate some delish ribs that were smoking all day, compliments of Ben, and I got to rejuvenate myself. In the past I have had to lay down with Audrey to get her to go to sleep when we would visit my parents, but this time she actually kicked me out of the room "don't lay down for me" which means "don't lay down with me" is what she would say to me. I fully took advantage of that. I also got to spend some time with my friends Jill and Cherrie. They are literally the only people I keep in contact with from high school, which means they are especially good friends.

Jessie flew down to NC with me and Audrey. Can I just say that it is so much easier to travel with another adult when you have a toddler? Jess helped out a lot. I also tripped over the stroller in the terminal. I am usually pretty clumsy, but I can catch myself before I totally wipe out. Not this time. Embarressed you ask? Yes, I was. Luckily only two other people saw. I laughed at the time, but I probably would have cried if I was alone. Moral of the story: don't push a folded up stroller in front of you, it is much safer to drag it.

Me, Jess, Trav, and Audrey went Strawberry picking the day after we got to NC. The strawberries were the most delicious strawberries I have ever tasted (yes Jo, we will go again when you come). Audrey kept herself busy tasting as many berries as she could. Leah flew in that night. We went to the beach the next day, and although it was sunny outside, it was too windy to be ideal beach weather for me (I like the sweltering hot, sun so bright you can feel your skin crisping, sweating so much you have to get in the water to cool down kind of weather for the beach). It happend to be Leah's birthday so I made her her favorite chocolate cake, and it turned out rather well if I do say so myself. I might have to make another one soon. The rest of the week was fun, how could it not be with my sisters in town? Hopefully I will get my camera working so that I can post some pictures soon.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Daddy Daughter Date

I had an appointment out where Travis was working today, so I asked Travis if he could meet me and watch Audrey for an hour, he immediately agreed and then he said that he would take her out for lunch at a place with a playground (McDonalds). He talked to Audrey on the phone this morning to tell her about his plans. When she got off the phone she could stop talking about Old McDonalds Farm (aka McDonalds) and how much fun her and Daddy were going to have. So I met Travis as planned and he took Audrey out. When I was done and Travis brought Audrey back she was totally exhausted, but she said that she had a really fun time. Now she is taking her much needed nap. We should do this sort of thing more often...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day at the BeAcH

Last Saturday Travis decided that we should go to the beach. We couldn't leave until about 2 in the afternoon, so we got there a bit later than I would have liked. The good news is that a lot of people were already gone from the beach, so the cigarette smoke was minimal (seriously, who still allows smoking in public?).

I love pictures like this...
One of the first things Audrey did when we got to the beach was make a sand angel. She loves playing in the sand.
Travis and Audrey dug this hole and Audrey insisted on being buried. Travis had to re-dig the hole about 6 times and then bury her.
It was fun to do something together as a family. We all love going to the beach, and Travis didn't bring his surfboard so that meant some quality one on one time with Audrey (I got to relax).