Monday, November 23, 2009

Go Audrey Go!

This morning Audrey was playing on our little ironing board (pretending it was a sled) and I helped her out with something on it.

Audrey: Thank you Mommy! Gracias!

Me: Did you just say gracias?

Audrey: Yes, thank you!

Later on today I was playing with her and her favorite bear. Her bear "asked" her what Phoenix likes.

Audrey: Phoenix drinks milk. He drink formeela milk.

Bear (aka me): Formula?

Audrey: Yeah, formeela!

I am always surprised at the things she picks up. Audrey keeps things interesting.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Alarm clock

This morning I had the please of waking up to the sounds of a cooing baby...
I can't complain!


Those of you who know Travis know that he has a great love for pizza, Little Caesars Pizza to be exact. Even I can admit that the $5 hot + ready is hard to beat in both price and convenience, and as far as chain pizza goes, Little Caesars is far from the worst. That being said, it is still a national chain and by default that means that it aint that good. I grew up in a city (or town rather) that had a large variety of local pizza places that were fact the pizza is probably the thing I miss most about NY...other than friends and family of course. So, when we go up to NY, I eat as much pizza as I can get my hands on, and so does Travis. A few months ago he told me his favorite places to get pizza were Tony's(NY), Nirchis(NY), New York Pizza (NC), and Little Caesars. One of those things is not like the others...

After having Little Caesars about once a week for at least the last year I needed a break. So we haven't gotten it for a while (I should input here that Travis bought 2 Little Caesars pizzas while I was in NY, and he ate them for dinner, breakfast, lunch, and dinner the next day). So basically every night when we are trying to decide what to have for dinner Travis has one suggestion...any guesses of what it is? The other night we decided to make fried chicken, and then Travis discovered that the dishes in the dishwasher were dirty. "That's it, we are having Little Caesars tonight!" was his response. I reminded him that we could wash the dishes that we needed by hand (it only took a minute). Then today, he has a pest control class and they are serving food there. Before he left he told me that he would be so happy if they had Little Caesars there. It is just funny how much he likes Little Caesar's, it is part of his charm. I think I am going to have to bend soon, for his sake.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Dr's Visit

Phoenix had his 4 month check up today, and we decided it would be a good time to get Audrey her flu vaccinations. The last time we went to the Dr's, Audrey was still using her binky. Her Doctor took it away from her and said that she shouldn't use it anymore. The whole thing was a bit traumatizing for her. After she got off her binky I told her that the next time she sees her doctor she can tell him that she doesn't use her binky anymore. I should also mention that playing "doctor" is one of Audrey's favorite games. Phoenix will be our patient and Audrey pats on his stomach, shines Trav's flashlight all over Phoenix, and she will give him medicine if she deems it neccesary. He loves it.

So we were in the check-up room, and in walks the doctor...

Audrey: HI DOCTOR!!! I DON'T USE A BINKY ANYMORE! (I used caps because she was talking so loudly, and excitedly), playing "doctor" has really gotten Audrey excited about the whole thing.

The doctor congratulated her and told her that she was a big girl. Then after a few minutes he asked her what she wants to be when she grows up.

Audrey: Phoenix is getting two shots today

Doctor: What do you want to be when you grow up (he had to repeat his question because she obviously did not answer it the first time he asked)?

Audrey: Oh! A Chicken!

Audrey really likes chickens....

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jill's Wedding

The reason that we went to NY was for Jill's wedding. I met Jill when I was in 2nd grade I was a loong time ago. Her husby, Sev, I met when I was a senior. The first time I met them as a couple I knew that they were perfect for each other. I am so glad that they have each other.

The ceremony was beautiful. Jill looked gorgeous! There were several musical numbers and they were amazing. The Pastur kept saying "Jev" when he was trying to say "Jill and Sev". It was funny.
Audrey was the flower girl. Her dress was perfect, and her and the ring bearer were instant friends. It was adorable to see. How did they do walking down the aisle you ask? Well at the rehearsal they sprinted down the aisle. For the actual wedding James (the ring bearer) walked a little faster than Audrey and she didn't throw down any flowers until the very end...and she stood in the same spot for over a minute! Luckily Travis was there to help coach her.

The reception was a blast! We danced a lot!!

Poor Audrey was soo tired! When we got into the car after the reception she was alseep in about 2 minutes.

Everything about the day was great. It was so much fun to see Jill and our other friends. It was an honor to be in her wedding.

Smore Fun

Visiting the Cider Mill was a must when I was in NY. They are only open during the fall, which means I haven't been there for years. We got some delish donuts, and some freshly made cider. Audrey loved it!

Don't I look flabulous?
Good ole Arnold Park.


We were in NY for Halloween this year. It was fun to take Audrey trick-or-treating in the same neighborhoods that I went in when I was younger. Me, Trav, and my sister Jessie took Audrey trick or treating. I must say that I really loved the 3 adults to 1 kid ratio.

I really don't think she will ever get tired of this chicken costume!

Audrey is showing grandpa (aka my Dad) her princess necklace that she had to wear with her chicken outfit.

Before Halloween we drove by this house a few times...and Audrey was very excited to see the spider up close. But, when it came down to it she was content to stand at a comfortable distance.

Phoenix really didn't like his chicken sad, I know.


Audrey has been doing really cute things lately. It seems like overnight she went from a toddler to a little girl that can carry on full conversations.

Today Travis was watching news (what a surprise) and Obama came on. Then Audrey said "Mommy, I see Michael Jackson!" I was somewhat taken many 3 year olds know Michael Jackson? I can definately say for sure that I never told Audrey who he was. And it is funny that she thought Obama was Michael Jackson...because they do not look alike at all!

Then later today Travis got a new phone in the mail (he has been using the same one for almost 4 years...and it was used when he got it!). For some reason Audrey is obsessed with the user guide books that come with phones. So, while Travis was working I skimmed through his book to check it out. Then Audrey brought her pumpkin full of Halloween candy over to me and said "Here, you can have this." As soon as I accepted the candy (no, I did not eat it) she took the user guide book and said "I can have this". So, in her mind she made a fair trade. Unfortunately I couldn't let her play with the book, so I gave her Halloween candy back.

This is my favorite stage so far. Audrey is so much fun.