Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Political Humor Post

I have refrained from being political on facebook for several reasons, mostly because I don't want to start any debates.  This is MY space though, so I thought I would post a few of my favorite funnies.  

 This Dwight Shrute/Newt comparison is definately one of my favorites...

Hands down my FAVORITE one...

Video Games

Phoenix broke our game drive to our Wii last year (I guess stuffing as many DVD's into it at once will do that), so we haven't played a lot of games.  Two weeks ago Audrey started playing Super Mario 3 (which we had downloaded already) and both me and her are totally addicted!  When I played it growing up we did not have the internet like it is today, so I googled all of the "secrets" and I have watched youtube videos on how to get certain things.  It is SO fun!  Audrey wants to play Mario everyday (and I usually get sucked in which means her and Phoenix get to stay up late!).  And might I add that it is awesome NOT having to blow on the game cartridge, and try desperately to get the nintendo to read it before you can actually play the game!  3 of my sisters are visiting in a few weeks, and I am thinking we will have to get our Mario on (we usually play Disney Sing It and Band Hero).

Big steps

You may or may not know that Phoenix is an extremely picky eater.  Picky as in I have had to force feed him before.  On a daily basis.  It was horrible.  I could always get Phoenix to eat candy or Doritos, but I am pretty sure that a diet of just those two things is not considered healthy.  Phoenix has gradually added more food to his menu:  Mac n Cheese (only when it is made with at least 2% milk, the thick and creamy variety), Pizza (but usually only Little Caesars lol), and once in a while, Spaghetti.  In the last few weeks he has tried soup for the first time, and he liked it, and he also tried Cinnamon toast (he usually spits anything in the bread variety out immediately).  This may seem like no big deal to most of  you, but these two things are actually HUGE steps for Phoenix.  I think he will warm up to trying new things slowly and over time, but there is hope!!