Friday, February 27, 2009

Audrey's Prayer

Audrey has always been good about saying prayers. The only thing is that she doesn't ever use actual words (unless you count "Amen"). She mumbles softly in a pleasant voice.

At the beginning of this week I asked her what she wanted for her birthday. (We have been talking about her birthday for at least a month already...birthdays are pretty much her favorite thing). She answered very clearly "a ladybug ringer". She calls rings "ringers". She inherited my love for ladybugs, and apparently my love for jewelry.

Later that day, while she was saying her prayer before her nap she specifically prayed for a ladybug ringer. So now my task as her trusted Mother is to find her the perfect ladybug "ringer". Girls are so much fun!

The Scent Of Spring

Have you ever noticed that there is a very specific scent of spring? It smells like sunshine, new grass, a light breeze, and new flowers. I remember when I was younger I loved to open all the windows in the house to welcome that delicious scent in. Nothing has changed. The weather was warmer yesterday and today, so the stale winter air that has been stagnate in our house for too long was replaced with the sweet smell of spring. Now if we could only get it to last.

Hopefully these pictures are the last pictures that will be taken of us all bundled up this winter (they are from at least a month ago). Part of me wants to pack away my winter things just to make a point that I am done with the cold. And then the other part of me, the rational part, knows that there are inevitably more cold days to come before Spring stays for good.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Potty Mouth

Warning! This post talks about constipation.

Over that last week me and Audrey have been working on her potty training. And yes, we have had some success, and no, she is not totally trained yet. Anyway, yesterday Audrey spent about 5 hours on her potty trying to work "something" out. I thought maybe she was just scared to go poo in the toilet so I let her wear her diaper to help her feel more comfortable. She went down for her nap, still no poo. So I told her to grunt (with the hopes that when she would grunt her stomach muscles would be able to...squeeze "it" out). She grunted, and grunted and nothing came out. So, we went out to eat dinner. During the meal Audrey kept complaining that her stomach hurt. She also passed gas several (OK, it was more than several) times, and when she would she yelled loudly "I farted" and then she would laugh. Then she started to grunt loudly (aka at a screaming volume) and say "I'm pushing poop out!" Yes, people were staring. Yes, me and Travis ate our food as fast as possible. No, it did not come out!

A few hours and cups of prune juice later, Audrey was able to go to sleep comfortably.

Moral of the story: Don't take your constipated kids out in public!

Girls Weekend

Last weekend me and Jessie flew to Chicago to see Leah over the weekend. We spent most of Friday visiting various relatives in the Chicago area. It was great to see them! We had pizza for lunch and me and Jess got pizza for dinner. I only mention this because whenever my Dad would bring us to Chicago he always made sure that we got some authentic Chicago pizza. Let's just say that it blows chain pizza away! Me and Jess got to see Leah's apartment for the first time and it was very cute! It is furnished and decorated waay better than my place!
Saturday we took the train to Chicago. When we were younger we went to the Field Museum there, which has Mummies and other Egyptian things. I wanted to go back there while I was in Chicago because I had such a fun time there when I was younger. So after we got off the train we decided to walk to the Museum. It was only 1.4 miles away, not that far right? Wrong! We took a wrong turn which made us walk for at least another hour. Let's just say by the end of the day my hips were hurting so badly that I wanted to cry (if Travis had been there I probably would have). So the museum...

I thought this was so cool because you can still see the shape of this dude's nose! He was no Brad Pitt (or should I say Travis Andrew?) but it is awesome how well he was preserved! (I used to want to be an archaeologist that studied Egyptians).

Before you look at this next picture, I want you to guess who we thought it looked like. Here is a hint: King of Pop

Yes, I know, the glare is really bad. When Leah (hint hint) emails me a better picture I will replace it. So I thought this person looked familiar, and then Jessie said "this looks like Michael Jackson!" Yes, sadly this woman missing her nose does resemble him.

The rest of the weekend was fun and more relaxing than the first two days. Every girl needs some girl time once in a while!

Valentine's Day

I was in Chicago for the actual date of Feb. 14th, so we had our Valentine's Day early this year. Me and Audrey spent all morning on Wednesday last week making Travis a special Valentine. This was the first craft thing I have done with Audrey (glitter glue, stamps...) she did get some ink on the table, but a trusty Magic Rub eraser got it off.

Travis got me a plant, a pot of Tulips (they were gorgeous, but I did not take a picture that day and now they have passed on. Please take a moment to grieve with me. Travis got Audrey a stuffed dog with a heart hanging out of his mouth and Audrey spent the day having the dog lick every thing. My Mom sent these pj's to Audrey and I thought they were perfect for V-day, they have hearts on them! She immediately paired them with her princess slippers (which also have hearts on them).

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Something Sweet

I have been wanting to make these frosted cookies for years! I finally got the recipe from my Mom a few weeks ago, and I gradually got all of the things I needed. The recipe is easy, but I wanted to get a rolling pin and some cookie cutters. So I made the dough, refigerated it, and rolled it out...with Audrey's help. It was definately NOT the right texture for cookie cutters so I gave up after a few failed attempts and shaped them in traditional cookie shapes (aka circles). I still frosted them and they turned out delicious. Audrey LOVED helping with the sprinkles.
Isn't Travis's smile so cute in this picture?
I ate most of the cookies myself before Audrey and Travis could get to them. They were so yummy!

Audrey's Office

Audrey has really been wanting a desk of her own lately. She finally came up with something that worked. Oh, and she has been carrying around the tax instructions for 2009 returns. Future Tax Accountant alert!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spring 09 Fashion Trends

Ok, so not all of us can afford to buy the latest fashion trends, but if we know what they are then we can make the most of the things we already have...while looking stylish.

So what does Spring 2009 have in store for us? Busy prints are definately going to be seen a lot...floral prints are mixed into that. Have you noticed the growing popularity of blazers? Well that is going to continue in the spring. Pairing blazers with dresses, skirts and pants are all popular combinations. Jump suits, don't worry, I am not talking about the ghetto fab, booty-hugging ones, the ones I have seen are looser fitting, with a flowing feel to them. Slim Silhouettes...but is this one ever out? Pencil skirts are bigger than ever.

Here are a few more things that are currently "in"...collarless jackets, trench and pea coats, bows and ruffles at the neck, defined waists, the belted shift dress or shirt dress, and chunky necklaces.

Like Mother, Like Daughter

One night this weekend we were watching a family show on TV together as a family (does anyone else consider watching a movie or a show as a family quality time?). I told Travis that he should stay downstairs with us (instead of play his new computer game). Despite that, he went upstairs in about 15 minutes. Audrey followed after him a minute later.

Travis came downstairs another minute later, with Audrey by his side. He said "did you tell Audrey to come up and get me?" I told him "No".

Apparently Audrey went up stairs and said in her stern disciplinary voice that is reserved for her Father:

"Travis, come downstairs and watch TV!"

I was so proud of her.

Savoring the Sun

This weekend the weather was gorgeous. So we took advantage...
We brought out our expensive lawn furniture and soaked up some rays.

Audrey kept going into the neighbors yards and playing with her pig.
Now, if we could only get this nice weather to stay for good...


February 5th marked the 4 year anniversary of the day that Travis proposed to me. We had met in September, and started dating in October. It is crazy to think that we knew each other for such a short time before we got married...

We lived in Idaho at the time and the first weekend of February we went down to Salt Lake City. We stayed with Trav's Aunt. We got there Friday night and Saturday morning we went to Temple Square. We saw a few couples that had just gotten married and they were getting their pictures taken around the Temple. We sat on the side of a fountain that looked directly at the Temple, the reflection pool was in front of us.

I should give you a little background first. Travis had been resistent, to say the least, to make our relationship official (he would always say stuff like "I don't want anything serious" when we first started dating. It was kind of funny how often he would say stuff like that at the beginning. Obviously I was patient and waited it out, and eventually he decided that he did in fact want an exclusive relationship (not that either of us was dating anyone else). As you might have guessed, things got serious quickly.

So, back at the temple, we were talking and then Travis asked if I had prayed about us and I said yes and I asked him if he had and then he knelt down on one knee and said something to the likes of: "Rachel, you are my best friend, I want to spend forever with you. Will you marry me?" I was shocked... I was totally not expecting it. Travis was everything and more that I could ever want in a husband. I obviously said a big fat YES to his question.

When Travis proposed, there was a newly married couple getting their pictures taken by the reflection pool. When Travis got down on his knee the bride saw and her photographer took pictures of the whole thing! Talk about lucky.

Travis had a pink saphire ring that he proposed with, and he let me pick out the engagement ring when we got back to Idaho.

The rest of the day was filled with fun things. We met his parents at a play/musical. It was called Bored Of The Rings and it was a spoof of LoTR, Star Wars, and a few other things. It was awesome. Then we had dinner at the Rodigiouz Grill (I am sure that I totally butchered the spelling). That was the nicest restuarant we had ever eaten at as a couple and the food was...exquisite. Then we went to a Jazz game. I don't remember too much about it because I was on cloud nine. Did I mention that I was basically shaking and smiling the whole day because I was so happy?

When we got back to Idaho Travis had my sister and my roomates decorate the apartment (they did an awesome job)...

He still does the whole candy thing for special occasions now. I am NOT complaining.

4 years later, I am so glad that he asked me to marry him. He is definately the perfect guy for me, and somehow he puts up with me (he even laughs at my lame jokes sometimes). I always think about how lucky I am to have Travis by my side.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ways to Save Money During The Recession

So with the current recession going on, me and Travis have been trying to think of ways to save money. Audrey came up with this idea herself...

Who needs a crib with expensive bedding when you can find perfectly good substitutes around your house?

Morning Dialogue

Me: Audrey do you want to get potty trained this week? If you use the big girl potty you can choose something fun to do.

Audrey: How bout ride on an airplane?

Me: Ummmm....

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Movie Recommendation

This picture has nothing to do with the movie, but a few people (not to name names, but Travis and Joanna) were getting pretty nasty about me doing posts without in order to preserve my life, I put this picture up. Think about it like this, the picture was taken outdoors, and bees live outdoors (hopefully).

I read the book "The Secret Life of Bees" last summer. After I finished the book I immediately got online to do some research (is it obvious how nerdy I am?). I saw that the movie was coming out in just a few short months. Yay!

So I saw the movie yesterday and as far as book to film adaptations go, this was pretty dang good. Dakota Fanning is the lead, Queen Latifah, Jennifer Hudson, and Alicia Keys also play major roles. Dakota has been a talented actress from the time of her first film, and she keeps getting better.

So, if you are bored this weekend with nothing to do, give this movie a try. I loved it.

Here's to health

Last Friday Audrey came down with the flu. Luckily it was only bad for one night. The next day she was recovering and by Sunday she was pretty much back to her usual self. All was well...

And then I got sick. I haven't had anything close to the flu since middle school (ouch...that means about 10 years!). I forgot how miserable it is. Luckily, both Travis and Audrey were ready and willing to help me out, and even luckily-er it only lasted for one night as well. Thanks go out to Travis for picking up my slack and being so helpful.

There is nothing like the flu to make you appreciate your normal everyday health.

Yes, I know that Audrey is young in this picture, but it makes me think of how she takes care of me when I am sick. About 2 months ago I had a lovely cold/cough combo. One night I went up to take a nap and Audrey insisted on coming with me and laying down next to me. Every time I would cough the little angel would stroke my cheek and ask if I was ok. This time when I was sick she cuddled with me and sang me some songs. I would like to say that I taught her how to be so sweet...but I think it was something she was born with.

Tip # 4

Ever wonder what color of eyeshadow you should be wearing to bring out the best in your eyes? Here are a few simple tips:

For Blue Eyes: avoid blue eyeshadows, stick to browns and greys, mixing in a tint of purple can be fun to.

For Green Eyes: Colors with purple undertones will compliment you eyes while making the green pop out.

For Brown Eyes: Most colors can be worn by people with brown eyes, just make sure if you are wearing brown shadow that it doesn't overpower your brown eyes.

Remember, a little goes a long way (don't load on the eyeshadow).

Next week's tip will be on Spring Fashion 09.