Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Baby!

It is no secret that Phoenix is my baby, I totally coddle this lil guy (I think it is because the rough patch...which lasted for a over and I am so grateful to have this happy lil guy in my life). Well, Phoenix has another Mommy it turns out. Who, you ask? A little girl in his preschool class. When Phoenix walks into class she runs over and says "My Baby!!!", and when I pick Phoenix up from school she is so sad that "her baby" has to go home. His teachers said that they are always buddies in the line (so they hold hands). I told this to Audrey and she said "Phoenix! You should be ashamed of yourself! We don't hold hands until we are married!" I am not sure he got the memo...and also not sure where Audrey got that from. I do remember telling her to save the passionate kissing for marriage, but I did not put restrictions on hand holding...yet. I met Phoenix's lil Mommy's Mom and she told me that her daughter talks about "her baby" ALL the time. It is so cute!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

One last LOST post

LOST is over. TV basically is back to normal, new medical dramas every season, and of course the new crime solving dramas. Totally overdone in my opinion. LOST was truly a one-of-a-kind show, and I am still amazed at the originality of it. The final episode left many people unhappy. I was totally satisfied (pretty much). I already knew there was no time for ALL of the questions to be answered, and I knew that the end would be somewhat unpredictable. I have come to find out that a lot of the people that were dissatisfied with the finale did not interpret it the same way I did. I never thought the people were dead the whole time, it was very clear (to me) in the finale that the people (who survived the 6 seasons) went on with their lives, and the alternate reality was a pre-heaven state..."purgatory" as it was referred to in an online breakdown that I read (and highly recommend).

I think if more people had understood this there wouldn't have been so many negative reactions to the finale. I just wanted to do the show justice and clear up some misconceptions.

Also, there is an epilogue which ties up a few loose ends. It has been removed from pretty much every site that had it posted, but this one still had it up (you are gonna have to suffer with subtitles en francais).

So, after all of this, I don't think people can bash on the finale. It was an appropriate ending to an amazing show. Namaste!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Phoenix's First Day of School

Phoenix is going to preschool this year on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I thought it would be good for him, and I had such a good experience with Audrey last year that I was excited for him to start. When we went to meet his teacher he was very timid and clingy. At one point he thought that I had left him there and he bolted out of the door, luckily I saw him and I caught him. Then he saw the bucket-o-cars and all of his worries left him. I was a little aprehensive on his first day because he was so scared when I brought him before. His first day of school he had to use Audrey's old princess backpack (he did not seem to mind). He was too excited to pose for a picture (shocker!), and he went right into the classroom and started playing with the cars. When we (Trav came to) went to pick him up he yelled "Da-da!" and ran into Trav's arms. It was soo cute! Now that he has been going to school for a few weeks he usually fake cries when I bring him in (because there are a few other kids crying) and then when I leave he stops crying immediately. When I pick him up he is so excited and I can tell that he had a great time. He has made a few pictures, and he is actually eating his lunch! He tries to bring his backpack in the car even on days that he doesn't have school. He is such a little cutie, and I am really happy that he has something that he enjoys so much.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Audrey's Worst err I mean First Day of School

I got to spend a wonderful day with Audrey yesterday, we went shopping for a few new clothes, ate lunch at Olive Garden (she asked for a 2nd bowl of soup!!), and we had a lot of time for girl talk. She picked out the skirt she wore today (her first day of school) yesterday.

You may or may not have noticed, but she is not a traditional poser...

Audrey had her assessment day for Kindergarten last week, and she had fun that day. She bought her lunch (chicken nuggets, broccoli, apple, and chocolate milk), and she made two friends. She had a great time and she was excited to go back to school. Last night was meet the teacher and unfortunately it was NOT the teacher I had hoped for. Audrey was disappointed because she only likes girl teachers and she got the boy teacher (I was disappointed to, but I pretended not to be for her sake...I know, how noble of me!). Anyhoo, when I picked her up (after waiting in the carpool line for 25 minutes) she said that she had the worst day ever. At first she didn't want to talk about it, and then she said that she didn't have any friends and that everyone else was friends with each other, she didn't like her teacher, no one played with her on the playground, and there was "one super girl who was super stylish" (I asked Audrey what the girl wore and it was a Hello Kitty shirt with a vest and a sparkly skirt). I took her to Marbles and made sure that she felt extra special and loved tonight. Phoenix even licked her (which is something I have only seen him to do to me...and every other object he fancies), so that made Audrey feel better. I freaking out? No, not at all. I have just considered taking out a loan for $6500 to get her into a Christian school for ONE year (um yeah, that is like 4 semesters @ BYU-Idaho), considered moving across the city to the "right" side of town, considered pulling her out of Kindergarten and have her take one more year of blessed preschool and then moving out of state before she starts Kinder, and last but not least, considered bumping up our tentative move to Arizona to...tomorrow. OK, so maybe I am freaking out just a little (you think?!?!?)! Yes, I am worried. What if she doesn't make any friends? What if her teacher really is not that great? What if something happens to make her change who she is, my darling, spunky, sweet little girl with a wonderful (if not crude) sense of humor, a girl who knows who she is, what she likes, and has confidence? Hopefully she will make a few friends tomorrow, start to like her teacher, and get more comfortable. And hopefully I can get a grip!