Monday, March 9, 2015

Soccer Season

Soccer Season and I have a love/hate relationship.  I love it because the kids like it (Phoenix took last season off, but he is back to loving it now), and I hate it because of the time commitment, and being subject to Mother Nature.  Our town fields are at least turf, which greatly reduces the bug issue, but the turf doesn't do much to help the cold temperature.  And last Saturday, on the first game day of the season, it was COLD!  I wanted to cry when I looked at my phone and saw the 21 degrees.  It warmed up (slowly).  I had been freezing at one of Phoenix's practices the week before, so I made myself an "outdoor blanket" with 2 layers of fleece and a nylon layer on the outside.  It was practically a sleeping bag, and was very effective at blocking the wind.  I contemplated making a snuggie in a similar fashion...but then decided against it (for now).  

Phoenix was SO excited to be back on the field playing soccer.  He always tries to be the fastest kid on his team (and he usually is), and he has made several goals in practice.  He was way more distracted on game day, I blame it on the sideline fun.  His teammates that weren't on the field playing were hiding under a was COLD!!

Audrey's game was later on in the day (thankfully) and it had warmed up significantly by then.  Audrey has 9 out of 10 girls on her fall team return this spring, and they were so happy to see each other. It was fun to talk with the moms as well.  Audrey has a great team, and between the girls and the coaches, they are the reason that we came back for the spring. 

The girls only had two practices before their first game, but you would never know it!  They worked so well together, and picked up right where they left off in the fall.  A lot of the girls had improved!  Audrey almost had a goal, which turned into an assist, and she was so excited!  I am so glad that I saw it!  

So far, both kids are showing a lot of promise for the season. I hope that they can both improve, and it would be awesome if each of them could score a goal during the season.