Friday, April 23, 2010

Audrey's Pictures

This morning Audrey wanted to hold Phoenix, so she got ready (which is her sitting against a wall) and held the little guy. "Take a picture of us!" she said. After I took a few shots of them, she wanted to take some pictures of me and Phoenix, so I let her. I think she did a great job.

One of the many items on her birthday list is a pink camera (what is she going to ask for when she is a teenager?!?). Before today she had never taken a picture, but this makes me want to get a camera for her (obviously a kid proof one). But she already wants a Tinkerbell car, sparkly pink crocs, a Jonas Brothers book (I am still scratching my head over that one), a Hannah Montana book, and a bunch of little gadgets. So the camera might have to wait for next year.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Naughty land

When my baby sister, Joanna, was a young toddler I would give her baths when my parents were out of town (I am 8 years older than her). She loved baths, and it was really hard to get her out (I of course did everything I could to keep her from crying). So a solution I thought up was to turn the vent on and pretend it was a monster. It worked like a charm. She was scared enough to get out of the water quickly, but she still had fun with it. I am pretty sure that she has not lasting damage from it either (I could be wrong...only time will tell).

I am the type of Mom that bribes, or threatens. I usually do a combo if I want fast results. Lately I have been trying to get Audrey to do chores (pick up the diapers scattered EVERYWHERE in our house, help me with the dishwasher, and keep her room clean). She gets a quarter every Saturday if she does a pretty good job throughout the week (I obviously am taking advantage of the fact that she thinks its a lot of money). She picks up the diapers really well, and she is pretty good about unloading her dishes out of the dishwasher (as long as I remind her to do it), but she is really bad about keeping her room clean, in fact I swear it has gotten messier. She will cry and cry and beg me to help her and when I do she lays on the ground and watches me clean. She is always "too bored" or "too tired" to clean. So in the hopes of getting her to help me clean her room I invented a song called "Naughty land" (I have the very useful talent of being able to make up with songs on the spot, Audrey LOVES my songs...Travis hates them). I sung the song in a raspy shouty rocker voice and tried to make Naughty land sound like a scary place (think Pinocchio), I told her that if she was naughty they would come pick her up in a bus and take her to naughty land. She loved the idea of riding in a bus (a big oops on my part) and she totally was fascinated by it. Despite my efforts, she did not clean up her room, and she wants to go to Naughty land. Talk about major backfire.

So I came up with a new plan. Stick her toys in her closet and lock them in there...until she is willing to pick them up after she is done playing with them. She didn't seem to mind, and now I don't have to clean her room.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Play time

These two kiddos have so much fun with each other. Audrey, as you can see, loves getting down to Phoenix's level to play "baby" with him.

Monday, April 19, 2010

It's Official...

Phoenix is a "Mama's Boy". Since he was born me and Travis have played a little game where we take turns holding him and the person who is not holding him tries to get Phoenix to reach out for them. Until today it has been pretty even.

This evening before Travis went upstairs to put the little guy down to bed we decided to play yet another round of "choose who you want to go to". Phoenix reached out for me every time, and cuddled into my shoulder when Travis reached for him. Then Travis came over and hugged both of us, and gave me a kiss on the lips. Phoenix pushed him out of the way, and grabbed my chin and pulled me in for the wettest kiss ever (think Dumb + Dumber). It was one of the top moments of my life.

This morning I was frustrated with Phoenix because he was exhausted but he was fighting going to sleep with all the strength he had. I am really glad that I know that he loves me. It makes those difficult moments easier.
And don't worry Trav, I know that our little guy loves you, and I know you two will be best buds. But I will enjoy this mama's boy stage while it lasts...

Sunday, April 18, 2010


defination: to put in a state of extreme physical or nervous fatigue.

I have been using that word a lot lately. I am not really sure where I picked it up from, but it seems like such a perfect word for how I feel sometimes.

Travis works pretty much all day every day...he usually doesn't get home until late in the evening on weekday nights so once the weekend rolls around I am more than ready for a break from the kiddos (no offence to them of course) and I am more than ready to spend some time with my sweetie.

On Saturday we had worked on a few things around the house and decided that we needed to go to Home Depot (I swear I go there every other day now!). It really was a one man (or woman) job, but we decided to go together. I know I didn't want to stay home by myself with the little ones, and I am pretty sure Travis didn't either.

To make a long and boring story short, Audrey was constantly whining the whole time, and Phoenix was crying full blast in the car for a solid 20-25 minutes. No amount of loud music can drown it out. (He no longer takes naps in the car) It is moments like those, especially at the end of a long week when I just want to relax, that I feel frazzled.

I saw on Jon & Kate Plus 8 (may it rest in peace) that Jon and Kate would wear ear plugs for road trips. Inspired. Maybe I will join a gym to...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Travy-D turns 2-9

Yesterday we celebrated my sweetie's 29th birthday. All day I thought about how lucky I am to have Travis in my life. He stayed busy throughout the day, and then we went out to eat at TGI Fridays where we both ate way too much.

He said that his best birthday present was having us (me and the kids) in his life.

Happy Birthday Travis!

Another Week in Review

So...we had another decently busy week...hence this recap post...
Janae and her family stayed with us for a few days before leaving to AZ and then settling in PA. It is sad that they will be further away, but we are excited for them (and at least they are still in driving distance).
(Audrey cuddling with Tallulah)
Audrey finally found some accessories for Phoenix's hair ...

(I am surprised she even got them to stay on!)

We got attacked by pollen...

and we discovered that Phoenix can feed himself...

Monday, April 5, 2010

A Week In Review

We had a very fun, and a very busy week. My sisters, Jessie and Leah came to visit and both of their hunnies came out to!

Of course me and my sisters hit the mall (they are the best shopping buddies!). I didn't take any pictures of that though.

We took a little walk around Lake Johnson...

We went to the Zoo...

and of course we hit up the beach!

I am pretty sure that everyone was exhausted by the end of the week. I know I am! It is always awesome when my family comes for a visit, and it is always so sad when they leave.