Friday, June 3, 2011


Phoenix and Rylee were holding hands for a little bit and it was, ahem, very cute.

So...yes....we did try camping for the first time in 3 years! The weather had been hot as hades all week, but we got lucky because it was actually kinda pleasant over the weekend. We went with our good friends. They have a girl Audrey's age, and a girl Phoenix Willy's age, the hubsy surfs like Travis and both me and the wifey are super cool ;-). I finally got to use those monstrous marshmallows that you can now buy. It took me a good 5 minutes to work up the courage to bit into my ginormous smore. The middle didn't get melty (so THAT's why you don't stick the huge mallows in the fire right away!). Next time I will try some more (or should I say s'more?) patience. Phoenix was kinda (majorly) freaked out by the idea of sleeping in a tent (or was it sleeping next to Audrey?). I decided to take him home, but the gates were already locked. So Trav and Audrey spent the night in the tent (I wanted to make sure that she got a good camping experience) and me and Phoenix stayed in the car. We both slept for about 3 hours (he kept waking up, so I would drive him around, then eventually he'd fall asleep for like an hour then wake up again). I am really glad that we went because it brought back so many memories that I had with my family when my Dad would take us camping. Those are some of the best memories from my childhood. We decided Phoenix probably needs at least another year for us to try camping as a family again, but I am really looking forward to when we can.

Beach Trip!

A few weeks ago we hit the beach with our good friend, the Willifords. The weather was perfect, the water wasn't frigid, Phoenix was EVERYWHERE, and we ALL got burned. Like ALL of us. I would go into how much flaked off skin was all over our couches, beds, carpet, and clothes but I don't want to gross you out.

Phoenix ate a ton of sand. If only we could get him to eat food!!


Audrey graduated preschool last week. I really wish she had one more year there, it was such a great experience for her and me. Her teachers were awesome, I loved making new friends with the other Mothers, and I am just not ready to release her into grade school.

Here are a few pictures from that day...

Oh, and Audrey's main squeeze, Andrew, broke up with her for another girl. Luckily Audrey still had the other boy involved in the love triangle waiting for her...Benjamin. Here is a picture of them together. They are planning to get married when they grow up.

Mothers Lunch

Audrey's preschool is awesome about doing fun activities that the parents can be involved in. In April they hosted a lunch with the Fathers, and in May it was the Mothers turn. I had a lot of fun, and of course Audrey had a blast. On a more embarrassing note, the kids all drew pictures of them doing their favorite things to do with their Mom's and they were hung up on a wall. Audrey's caption was "Me and my Mom are taking a bath", don't worry, she made sure the water in the pictured covered all of the unmentionables. My friend (one of the other Mom's) got a good laugh, and I must say I chuckled myself. I would have loved to have seen the reaction on her teachers faces when she told them what she drew. For the record, we haven't bathed together in YEARS, but as most of you know, KIDS NEVER FORGET!