Friday, September 19, 2014

My Happy Little Girl

Yesterday I brought the kids to Marbles (our local kids museum) after they finished their school work.  Audrey was making me a pizza (out of fleece pizza and toppings) and she took such care in preparing it.  She was pulling a huge German Shepard stuffed dog around with her, she added all of the pizza toppings that I asked for (including some spices), and she waited patiently for the delivery bike to be free so that she could "bike" the pizza over to me.  I was overwhelmed with pride and gratitude for her.  She is a gentle soul, and she has the most loving heart.  The best gift anyone can give her is time spent with her.  She has always preferred companionship to toys.

School was hard on her, looking back, I would say it was crushing her.  She was unhappy, and frustrated.  Her self-confidence was dwindling, and she dreaded going to school every day.  In March I mentioned the option of home-schooling to her.  She immediately brightened at the idea and, once we made the plan to begin after she finished 2nd grade, she grew increasingly happier.  I really cannot express in words the change that I have seen in her.  I had no idea how hard school had been on her, I knew it was difficult, but I didn't realize how much it affected her gentle spirit until I saw her healing.  I am so grateful that I made the decision to keep her home with me.  She has blossomed in the last two months.  She has confidence in who she is, and what she knows.  She loves being with me all day, every day.  Is that not the sweetest form of flattery?  How blessed am I to have this sweet, beautiful girl that loves and adores me?  I am not deserving of it, but I will ever try to be.