Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas List

Audrey has a looong Christmas list this year (I may be to blame...every time she asked for something in the store I would say, why don't you put that on your Christmas list? not expecting she would remember everything...I was wrong). We went to see the mall Santa last Monday. We never actually get the pictures taken, but he is the only Santa available for Audrey to visit. Phoenix started to cry after a minute in Santa's lap. After the kids were done, we went shopping for a few gifts for other people. I have been eyeing these charm bracelets at Gap Kids for a while (like a year) and I asked Audrey what she thought about them. She immediately fell in love with the bracelets and one charm in particular (a globe). She of course asked if she could have it and I said "Why don't you ask Santa for it?" She was a little distraught because she had already spoken with Santa, so I told her that she could write him a letter. Pretty much the cutest thing ever!

"Dear Santa, I want a bracelet and a charm please. Heart Audrey."
We sent it to Santa.

Quotes from Audrey

Yesterday Audrey said a few funny things I thought were worth documenting...

We were watching Polar Express...

Audrey: I don't want to be a policeman doctor when I grow up, I want to be an elf.

Me: Well, you can't be elf because you are a human.
Audrey: Oh MAN!! I wish I wasn't a human so that I can be an elf!
Later on that day....
Audrey: I wish you would put on makeup so that you could be pretty.
Me: Do you think I am ugly without makeup on?
Audrey: Well...just a little bit ugly.
Me: Well, I guess I will go put my makeup on then.
That night as she was getting ready for bed...
Audrey: I am going to live with you when I grow up?
Me: If you want to, I would love it.
Audrey: Well, maybe I won't when I have babies. But I will visit you.
Lately (as in the past two weeks) Audrey has not been getting the sleep that she needs to maintain her usually pleasant personality, so whenever she says something that is not whiny I really appreciate it, especially when it is cute.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hate Letter

Dear Winter,

I really, really do not like you. Can you please leave and go back where you belong (up north)? I just don't think its fair that you are hanging around like this in the south. People move here to avoid you. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy snow (when I am skiing that is), but I just don't feel that your presence down here is welcome, or acceptable.

To wrap it up, I hate you (once again, except when skiing), and please leave asap...like yesterday.

Lots of...loathing, and definately NOT your friend,


P.S. tell Spring that we are ready and waiting

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Leah's Visit

My sister, Leah, came to visit for Thanksgiving Holiday. We had a great time with her here, as always. It was the first time that Audrey had been very noticeable jealous of little Phoenix. Leah couldn't give him a hug without Audrey getting upset. Phoenix is at a really fun stage right now so Audrey is starting to look at him as competition.
I thought Leah would enjoy a cookout cheeseburger (which she did) and we took advantage of the nice weather and ate at a park (it was actually kinda cold and very windy but we all pretended it was nice).

coolest thing ever!!!! You can spin so fast!

When we were little me, Leah, and our sister Michelle used to love to make frosted sugar cookies. The kitchen would be a total disaster by the time we finished. By now I have gotten better about cleaning as I go, and we have gotten better at decorating as well.

The visit was over too quickly (as visits always are) and it left me wishing that we lived closer to family (as visits always do).

Friday, December 10, 2010


Yes, I am spoiled! Blame Travis. He went above and beyond to make my birthday special this year. The day started off with me sleeping in (hello?!? there is no better way to start off the day!). When I finally dragged my lazy butt out of the bed there was a candy trail (Trav's signature play) leading downstairs to a spectacular sight. He brought Audrey to preschool and he returned with Dunkin Donuts in hand.
I have been wanting to take the kids to Marbles (kids museum) for a while but I have been too scared to do it by myself because both Audrey and Phoenix are prone to run off...in opposite directions. So I took advantage of the fact that it was my birthday and Travis agreed to come. We had a lot of fun, Phoenix and Audrey could have easily spent all day there.

They had this hockey rink and you put socks on and it was about as close to skating as you could get without the skates. Audrey even fell as if she was on real ice (she didn't get hurt).

We even had enough time for Travis to give Audrey a few surf lessons. She was getting pretty good by the end of it.

The day before my birthday I asked Audrey what she was going to get me for my birthday. She told me "I can't tell you, its a secret! But I will need some macaroni and some string." Because I have amazing detective skills I had a hunch that she would make me a macaroni necklace. I was wrong. She made me a macaroni necklace AND a macaroni bracelet. So sweet!!
Travis isn't a big cake eater and I have attempted to eat an entire cake by myself a few too many times to want to try it again. So we got cupcakes from The Cupcake Shoppe. My favorite is Strawberry. Travis got a red velvet and Audrey got a lemon. When we got home they traded
Travis got me a bunch of thoughtful gifts, but my favorite by far was his coupon book "7 Days of Bliss". Basically for the next seven days he volunteered to put both kids down to bed, wake up with them in the morning and during the night if they wake up, clean the house daily, do all of the dishes, and give me a daily backrub (I have a baad back so this is very useful). For all of you parents, you know how good this is. I am definately going to enjoy my week off!! I had a WONDERFUL day, thanks to my awesome hubs. Love you Trav!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Phoenix - Willy

Phoenix has developed so much in the last few months. He has 7.1 teeth, and he's not afraid to use them. He can say "hi", and sometimes when he is crying for a really long time in his crib or his cage (don't ask) he will say "mama", but he doesn't say it regularly yet. He can wave, clap, do the signs for "all done", "more", "bath", "bed", and "milk". He is picking up on the signs really well so I am going to have to read up on some more signs to teach him. After he was Chucky for Halloween Trav gave him a bath and made him lay down to get the red hair spray out (it was kinda necessary). It traumatized Phoenix and he was terrified of taking baths for at least a week, but I started working with him right away and I am happy to report that the little man enjoys his bath time again. His favorite foods are the Gerber yogurt puffs, the Gerber fruit snacks, and pretzels. He also loves little spoonfuls of frosting that I give him when I am baking. He is fairly cuddly, when he isn't feeling good he just wants to be held (which is OK with me), and when is plays he likes to come up to me and give me a hug and sit with me for a little bit, then go back to playing. It is so cute. He is climbing up on EVERYTHING. He learned how to slide down the stairs backwards and it is really funny to see how fast he goes. He loves to throw toys in the toilet at any opportunity. He is 1000% busier than Audrey was, but he is tons of fun. On Sunday Travis gave me a kiss and Phoenix leaned in to give me a huge, slobbering kiss of his own. He also gave Travis a kiss, but he wouldn't give Audrey a kiss yet. I am totally loving the stage he is in right now. His favorite show is probably Yo Gabba Gabba. He currently has a mullet, but I am not sure if we are ready to give him a trim quite yet. I am considering making it a little more rock and roll.
p.s. We got a DVD player for our car (2 monitors) and it was the best investment we have ever made, Phoenix loves watching the movies!