Sunday, December 12, 2010

Leah's Visit

My sister, Leah, came to visit for Thanksgiving Holiday. We had a great time with her here, as always. It was the first time that Audrey had been very noticeable jealous of little Phoenix. Leah couldn't give him a hug without Audrey getting upset. Phoenix is at a really fun stage right now so Audrey is starting to look at him as competition.
I thought Leah would enjoy a cookout cheeseburger (which she did) and we took advantage of the nice weather and ate at a park (it was actually kinda cold and very windy but we all pretended it was nice).

coolest thing ever!!!! You can spin so fast!

When we were little me, Leah, and our sister Michelle used to love to make frosted sugar cookies. The kitchen would be a total disaster by the time we finished. By now I have gotten better about cleaning as I go, and we have gotten better at decorating as well.

The visit was over too quickly (as visits always are) and it left me wishing that we lived closer to family (as visits always do).