Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Glasses!!!!

I have had the same pair of glasses since high school (aka over 7 years)...they were not in good shape. The prescription was 1 point to weak (kinda a lot in glasses terms), the were literally hanging on by a screw the size of a thread. Can you guess which is the before and which is the after picture?

I am still getting used to the glasses not falling off every time I look down.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Primary Program

Once a year, our church has a primary program. Our primary consists of children ages 3-11. This was Audrey's first year in it. Each child gets a part (smaller ones for the little kids, bigger ones for the older ones). Audrey practiced her part a lot over the last month and she was totally prepared for Sunday. Her line was "I know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love me cuz they blessed me with my baby brother, Phoenix Willy." I was so proud of her.


One of my good friends gave us her daughter's old clothes for Audrey. One of the treasures within was a khaki (or as Audrey calls it "cashew") skirt. As soon as Audrey saw it she got so excited and she wanted us to be twins for church. Luckily I had just gotten a new jean jacket, so we could complete the look.

Pumpkin Farm

My beautiful sister, Jess, came to visit at the beginning of October (I have been a major slacker blogger lately, but in my defense I have been B-U-S-Y). While she was here we had our annual trip to the pumpkin farm. The day we went was hot, and extremely crowded, but we had a fun time. Audrey had her outfit planned out for over a least her accessories. Pumpkin earrings made by yours truly, and a pumpkin hat that goes with an infant pumpkin costume. I didn't have the heart to tell her no, so the hat stayed on. I love this pictures because everyone is so happy in it!

The pumpkin farm that we go to offers pony rides on the weekends, this was the first year that we went on a Saturday so Audrey got to go on her first pony. Travis was kind enough to wait 20-30 minutes in line for her (we were waiting in line to get him a funnel cake and the pony line went faster so we had to get out of line right before we were about to order!!)

Blue sky, green trees and grass, bright orange the colors!!

Me and Jessie joked all day about how nice it was that Audrey was wearing her pumpkin hat because she was very easy to pick out in crowds. Then we got to the pumpkin part and the hat acted as camouflage here.

Our loot. I already used one of the pumpkins to make this amazing dish that my beautiful and talented sister-in-law Janae made for us last year. I should have taken a picture of it but we ate it too fast! We will carve the rest this week (but I might make the pumpkin dish again with one of them...).

Monday, October 18, 2010

Vocabulary Words

Last week I learned two new words to add into my every day vocabulary. Since I am in the know, I will share my findings with you...

"Monkids"- Pet monkeys that people treat like their own children

"Polig-kids"- Kids that are born into a polygamous family (I learned this one from the reality TLC show Sister-wives...interesting but strange)

Class is dismissed.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


We love Halloween here in the Andrew home (who doesn't love it?), and October 1st marked the official Halloween season, the temperature has been consistently under 90 degrees, so even Mother Nature has been agreeable.

Last year I got really excited about setting up the Halloween decorations, I talked it up to Audrey to get her all excited and when October 1st rolled around I opened the box marked "Halloween Decorations" and...there were 5 foam orange pumpkins (flat and for crafty projects) and one plastic pumpkin for Audrey's trick-or-treating. Talk about a let down! I try to collect a bunch of decorations at the end of each holiday on 75% + clearance in preparation for the next year (because I am cool like that), but apparently I missed the Halloween clearance the previous year. So I made up my mind to not let that happen again.

1 year later, and October 1st came. Once again, I got Audrey all excited about setting the decorations up (I was at least as excited as her). I was so anxious that I got the box down from our attic all by myself and some how managed to get it down with both me and the box in one piece. I brought the box downstairs and set in on the kitchen table and I called Audrey over so that she could see me open the box. Well, I opened the box and talk about lame dash O! I had like 5 more decorations than I did last year(unfortunately tacky ones I must admit) and of those 5, 2 of them can not be set up this year because we have a certain little guy running around the house that would love to destroy them. How did I let this happen again? Luckily Audrey was still excited. That night in her prayer before she went to bed she thanked Heavenly Father for blessing us with the Halloween decorations ( I would not have thought of that) and right before she said "amen" she said "Happy Halloween!" I am sure that Heavenly Father appreciated that.

So my goal for next week: BUY SOME HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS!!!!