Saturday, September 27, 2008

Addison Chloe

My beautiful niece was born on Tuesday September 23rd. We got to go see her at the hospital that night and she is so perfect and adorable. So far, she has slept like an angel. She is always sleeping when I see her.
Janae let both Brighton and Audrey come up on the bed with her, where Audrey proceeded to steal Brighton's new truck.

New Shoes

Yesterday we got a care package from my Mom (who doesn't love a care package?). She sent Audrey a new pair of shoes. Audrey LOVES shoes more than any other accessory, so of course she loved these adorable shoes. This morning I was feeling lazy and laying in bed (ok, so I do this basically every morning....I am NOT a morning person) so Audrey went downstairs and I came down a little later and she had put these shoes on all by herself. She even put them on the right feet! They are velcro and that makes both me and her very happy.

You tell him!

Every day when Travis comes home he smells like a dog who has been outside for too long. So, I always try to get him to change his clothes right when he comes home. Last night he came home and we were planning to go to Janae's and Jared's house, so I wanted him to change. He was feeling...lazy or something so I had to tell him a few times. Finally, Audrey helped me out. She was in the kitchen eating candy corn and she YELLED to Travis "Dad, go change your clothes - K?" After that, he decided that he should change his clothes.
When he came downstairs with clean clothes on Audrey went up to him and said "I like your pants on, I like your shirt on".

Popcorn Party

On Thursday I made these two kids some popcorn, but before I could give them any my Mom called so I got distracted and left the bowl of Popcorn on the table. Two minutes later I turned around and this is what I saw. At one point Brighton started eating out of the bowl with his face. Audrey thought it was hilarious.
This is right before they decided that it would be fun to throw all of the popcorn on the floor.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Carousel Capital

I took Audrey to the park the other day, and there was a antique carousel that Audrey rode on. It made me appreciate the area that I grew up in...Binghamton,NY.

Binghamton, NY is the unofficial carousel capital of America. There are six antique carousels located throughout the Binghamton area. George F. Johnson was a wealthy entrepreneur in Endicott, NY. As a child, he was so poor that he could never afford the nickel that the carousel in his town cost to ride. After Johnson made his fortune, he bought six carousels for the Tri-City area so that no child would be deprived of riding on a carousel. To this day, all six carousels are still in operation, and they are all free to ride.

Happy Autumn!!

Earth Science was my WORST subject everrr!!! But one thing I did learn from it (possibly the only thing) was that September 21st is the first day of Autumn.

For the past 5 years I have been deprived of a real autumn (in my opinion at least). I always took the fall season for granted when I lived in New York because I didn't realize how different it is in other parts of the country. To me, there are certain things that are totally neccessary to have the real autumn experience:

  • Leaves that change different colors (reds, yellows, oranges...)
  • Apple Cider (can you believe that some people don't know the difference between apple cider and apple juice?!?)
  • McIntosh and Cortland apples...preferably from the Cider Mill
  • Pumpkins
  • Cider Mill donuts!!!! (Ok, so I will have to wait until November to have them, but I can be patient...)

Finally I live in a place with trees and I am really hoping that the leaves change colors here. I am really excited to go pick out a pumpkin with Audrey this year and I really hope that there is a place that I can get some Cortland apples here. I LOVE Autumn!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


I have been so proud that Audrey can always name Jesus in pictures that she sees. We were in Target the other day and she said "Jesus" and pointed to a man with a beard and really long hair. I am pretty sure he heard because he was only like 3 feet away. So I guess she thinks that all guys with beards are Jesus.

HE's doing good!

This week I found a GREAT park! They have a train, a carousel, and a little boat ride for kids, not to mention all of the normal playground stuff. I brought Audrey on all of the rides. We did the train first and it was fun, the driver kept tooting the horn and it was so LOUD. But I am pretty sure Audrey liked it. Then we went on the carousel. It was one of the old antique ones (which are the best). Normally I can just stand next to Audrey and not really have to hold onto her because she always holds on tight. So the carousel started and it was going so FAST that I had to hold on to Audrey's horse so that I wouldn't fall. I thought I was gonna get sick. After it was done the operater told us that he had just barely changed the transmission fluid so it was faster than normal. At least it was fun. I saved the boats for last because Audrey was kinda scared to go on them. She saw two other kids riding on them so that made her brave enough to try them. The boat operater guy kept saying "He's doing good" referring to Audrey. I responded with "yes SHE is". Then I called out to Audrey to ring her bell (all of the boats had one) and the guy was like "What is his name?" and I said "Audrey, like Audrey Hepburn" hoping that he would take the hint that she was a GIRL. But then he told me that his mom named him Jackie after some famous actress and he hated his name and as soon as he was 18 he got it changed to Jack. So he must have thought I was really mean to name Audrey Audrey because he still thought she was a boy after all of my subtle efforts to let him know that she was a girl. Plus she is wearing a pink jacket!!!! Next time I will do her hair in piggies to hopefully avoid confusion.

Aren't these boats sooo cute?

Monday, September 8, 2008

2 COOL 4 U!

Dont forget to pause the music at the bottom of this page before you watch this video!

Audrey is obsessed with Camp Rock. She watches the songs on it at least 3 times a day. The song that is playing in this video clip is her favorite one. And yes, she is imitating the moves that the girl singing is doing. The lyrics to the song are...amusing. I think that Audrey really feels like she relates to this song.

Jumping Babies

These two love jumping in their cribs!

Audrey and Brighton

Audrey and Brighton got to play together a lot last week. Here are a few pictures:

I made them grilled cheese sandwiches with french fries. Both Audrey and Brighton were more interested in the ketchup than the other stuff though.

Even though Audrey has her own pair of Crocs, she still wears Brighton's every time he comes over. She has been wearing this pumpkin hat that goes to a pumpkin costume for a baby lately. I think she looks like one of those weird poet type people when she has it on.

Both Audrey and Brighton had fun posing for the camera and saying "Cheese"!

Princess Audrey

A few weeks ago I was in TJ Maxx and I saw this adorable Belle dress on sale. It was only $10! I couldnt resist....
Audrey was not being a great this is the best full length shot I have.

The detailing is so cute, and the dress is puffy. What little girl wouldnt want it?

The dress fits her perfectly!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Over/Delayed Reaction

K, so the best thing I can come up with is that Audrey had a delayed reaction to Brighton trying to play with the ball...and she was just overly upset about it. I think it is so funny because Brighton doesn't even notice that she is mad. In case you can't tell by Audrey's face, we had orange soda.

Labor Day

We started our Labor Day with going to Lake Johnson. We rented a paddle boat and Travis did a little fishing. There were a lot of people fishing, but I don't think we talked to anyone that actually caught anything. Here is Travis looking studly as he is getting his little tackle box ready.
Audrey went to the back of the boat to play with the water. I was surprised with how comfortable she was with it.

In case it isnt obvious, I was holding Audrey against her will.
After our boating excursion, we met Janae, Jared, and Brighton for a BBQ/Picnic at a park in Durham. We had hotdogs and fruit salad and everything was delicious! After we ate we walked over to a baseball field and Travis and Jared played frisbee with Talulah and Audrey and Brighton fought over the ball shown in the picture and ran around in the grass barefoot. It was a great day.