Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Our History

Our history starts at the bottom of the page and works up to present day.

When me and Trav moved to Mesa we became Suns fans right away. We went to a game and it was soo fun! Too bad about the play-offs.

Audrey and her cousin Brighton had a really fun time together last Easter.

Aunt Janae made Audrey this adorable tutu.

Last summer Travis's family had a reunion at Bear Lake. Audrey loves the water!

For my last semester at BYU-I me and Leah decided to do the cheerleading team. Audrey was an honorary member.

Me and Audrey in a park in Idaho.

This is Audrey with her Auntie Leah. Leah got her those cool ladybug slippers.

Audrey turned 1! She liked playing with her cupcake, but I don't think she ate much of it.

This is when Audrey first started to stand on her own. I was so proud of her.

Audrey's baby blessing was in Idaho and she was four months old. I was so happy that my parents and John and Leah could be there!

The nurse put two little bows in Audrey's hair. I thought they were soo cute!

Poor Travis was so tired the day Audrey was born even though he got to sleep through most of the night before, and he also slept all day until about 1/2 hour before Audrey was born.

Proud Auntie Leah with Audrey. I called Leah the night before I had Audrey and I told her I was in labor and Leah asked if she should come to the hospital or take her final. Leah stayed with me after Audrey was born because Travis had to leave to go work in California. She was a lifesaver. I don't know what I would have done without her there.

Audrey Leigh Andrew was born on April 27th, 2006. She weighed 6 lbs exactly. She was so little and dependent. Once she was born I couldn't imagine life without her. It only took her about 2 weeks to get her days and nights right.

This is me, 6 months pregnant with Audrey.

We spent our first married summer together in California. I taught swim lessons and Travis sold Pest Control. I really don't have any pictures from the summer (sad, I know). We went back to Idaho in the fall.

I loved my dress. I am a huge fan of Gone With the Wind, and I got a hoop skirt to go underneath. It was so much fun to wear it!!
We got married at the end of April. It rained that day, so that is why my hair looks...limp. :-/

My sister Leah took our engagement pictures. She was so patient and I think she did an amazing job.

This is right after we got home from getting engaged. Travis had my roomates decorate my room, and they did such a good job.

In February 2005 Travis finally proposed! I was so surprised and excited. He took me to temple square and we were walking around and then we sat near a fountain and he got down on one knee. There was a wedding for someone else, but their photographer saw Travis so he took some pictures of it. After that we went to a play and then out to eat at this amazing restaurant and we went to a Jazz game, it was one of the funnest days of my life!!

We always used to work out at the gym together when we were dating, in this picture we were on our way there.
Every year around Christmas time Travis gains some weight and grows a white beard.

This is Uncle Rico, oh wait, no that's Travis. I get them mixed up all the time!

Isnt he cute?

This is what we wore to the dance, I think it was the Sweetheart's Ball. I borrowed the dress from Trav's sister, Heather.

This was our first kiss. Just kidding. This was before we went to a dance in February of 05.

Me and Travis met country dancing at BYU-Idaho in September of 2004. He asked me to dance first. I thought he was so cute that I asked him to dance a few songs later. We kept running into each other after that and I asked him out first!