Friday, October 23, 2009


I can't resist him...he is too cute!


Last week my sista, Leah, was in we visited the aquarium near Wilmington. It was a lot of fun.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Carrots are good for your eyes...

at least that is what I have been told. If that is true, Audrey will have really good vision. She loves eating carrots! The other day I was working on paperwork upstairs and when I came down Audrey was eating a carrot and she put these red sweatpants on. She literally tries everything on that we get for Phoenix, and 99% of the time the things are way too small for her...the red pants were the one exception. I don't think he minds sharing with her.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Rachel Needs...

  • a new pair of glasses...the ones I currently have have been broken and bent so many times that there is no hope for them. The prescription is 5 years old, and they are embarressingly crooked. Every time I look down they fall off. Sometimes I throw them in the hopes that they will break beyond repair. A few days ago I left them on the floor in a high traffic area hoping that someone would step on didn't work.

  • a little more patience...but who doesn't? I am working on it!

  • a good biscuit recipe...I have tried at least 5 different recipes and all of my biscuits come out flat, and hard as a board. I have considered getting a job at KFC in order to figure out how they get the biscuits so light and fluffy.
  • a fence in the backyard...we will hopefully (cross your fingers) be getting one in soon!

Audrey's Talent

I decided to have a girls night out last night, just me and Audrey. We went shopping (of course). Audrey had been playing with a stuffed dog all day, so of course she brought it with her shopping. When we were in Old Navy she was making barking sounds (loudly). As long as she is staying close to me I don't care how loud she is (unless it's screaming and crying). A lady came towards us and when she saw Audrey she said "Wow, your daughter really sounds like a dog!" then she turned around to her kids and said "it is a little girl making the noise!" As soon as that lady walked away, another lady came towards us and when she saw Audrey she said "I thought there was a real dog in here!" and then she turned around to her people and said "it's a girl, not a dog!"

I never realized that Audrey had such a convincing bark. What a useful skill to have!