Saturday, October 3, 2009

Rachel Needs...

  • a new pair of glasses...the ones I currently have have been broken and bent so many times that there is no hope for them. The prescription is 5 years old, and they are embarressingly crooked. Every time I look down they fall off. Sometimes I throw them in the hopes that they will break beyond repair. A few days ago I left them on the floor in a high traffic area hoping that someone would step on didn't work.

  • a little more patience...but who doesn't? I am working on it!

  • a good biscuit recipe...I have tried at least 5 different recipes and all of my biscuits come out flat, and hard as a board. I have considered getting a job at KFC in order to figure out how they get the biscuits so light and fluffy.
  • a fence in the backyard...we will hopefully (cross your fingers) be getting one in soon!