Friday, July 18, 2014

Phoenix Turns 5

Our little buggy turned 5 back in July!  I don't think there has ever been a 4 year old boy who was more excited to turn 5 than Phoenix!

He of course wanted Little Caesars Pizza for dinner!  And he also requested a water balloon fight.  Done and done!

My finger tips hurt just looking at this picture!

Phoenix is always ready and willing to show off his muscles...

The water balloons (the ones that I spent an hour filling up) were used up in about 5 minutes, so out came the hose!

We ended the night with some sparklers left over from the 4th.

I am pretty sure that Phoenix had the perfect birthday. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Phoenix's First Day of Kindergarten

The day that Phoenix has been waiting for so long finally arrived.  His first day of Kindergarten.  He has been waiting to go for almost 10 months.  

Were there any tears shed?  Certainly not from Phoenix.  He was disappointed when I told him that I was walking him into school, and he let go of my hand before we entered the school doors.  My heart broke a little, but I knew it would be like this.  Phoenix is ready to grow up and be "super way stronger", he doesn't usually like be "little".  He thought that he would grow a few inches last night (because he has to be a big boy to go to Kindergarten), and around 10 pm he was still awake and I went in to his room to ask him why.  "I haven't grown bigger yet!" was his reply.  I assured him that if he went to sleep he would grow (and he wakes up with growing pains 3-4 times a week so it wasn't a lie).  He really did look taller today.  Until I picked him up in the carpool line...then he looked unbelievable small (which is how I want him to stay...for a little longer).

Audrey was overjoyed not be going to school.  She kissed him goodbye, and held my hand (swinging) as we walked out.  

When he got home I asked him about his day.  He got to play on the computers, and there was an itsy bitsy spider song on there that was "super funny", he ate lunch in the cafeteria, and he burped during lunch, but he said "excuse me" and his teach said "good job!", he went pee two times, and he farted once while he was going pee in the bathroom, he said his letters and what sounds they make, he went down a baby blue slide, and he made two friends (neither of which he learned the name).  I have to laugh at his run down of his first day.  I missed him, the day dragged on, and when I asked him if he missed me he said "Yes!  Actually, no!"  My little buggy is growing up...

Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th of July

The kids requested that we go Fantasy Lake for the 4th of July.  Fantasy Lake is a man made lake near Fort Bragg, and it is pretty awesome.  I wish I had gotten more pictures of what they have there, but I did capture some of the kids favorite things.  They have everything on a big scale, and they have all of those things in a smaller size in the kid section.  

Audrey's Last Day of School

Audrey had her last day of school two Fridays ago.  We met her for lunch.  Her teacher had them play board games all day long.  Audrey was really excited for the day.

Unfortunately, her last day of school did not go as Audrey had hoped.  No one wanted to play her game with her, and when someone finally did, they made up the rules and cheated.  And Audrey's carpool buddy was not in carpool that day, so she couldn't say goodbye to him.  The poor little girl came home and cried.  It broke my heart.  We made the day better by going swimming and watching a movie.  School has not been easy for Audrey, in many different ways.  We have decided to homeschool her this next year (which is why she was so sad that she didn't get to say goodbye to her carpool buddy...who had confessed his "like" for her a few weeks earlier).