Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July

Our 4th of July Celebration started on the 3rd. We had Brighton over and we went to see some fireworks at a Lake close by.
Before we left Audrey and Brighton had some hotdogs and milk. If you look at Audrey's feet you will notice that she is wearing some flipflops. She threw 3 tantrums in the store to get them, but the good news is that she was an angel for the rest of the shopping trip.

Thank goodness Travis could push one of the strollers!
Brighton loved the fireworks and Audrey went back and forth between clapping and cheering to crying on my shoulder. On the fourth we went to a ward breakfast, which was good. I dressed Audrey patriotically.

Then we went to a parade in Apex, it was hot and humid, and the parade was lame-O. At least we got some good popcorn!

Pizza and Soba!

Just Like Mommy!

Audrey always likes to dress up like a big girl. It is so funny to see all of the things she notices me doing.

These earrings might look familiar. Where have you seen them before you ask? On a Mrs. Potato head. Whenever Audrey sees these she always makes me put them on her ears.

I was at Old Navy last week and I found two pairs of sandals that were in mine and Audrey's size. Hers are pink and mine are silver, but we finally have the same shoes! Audrey loves them in case you can't tell.

One day after Audrey's bath I went out of the room for a minute and when I came back this is how Audrey had her hair. I always wrap a towel around my hair like this when I wash it. Didn't she do a good job?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Magazine Covers

Ever since I met Travis, we have been asked to be on the cover of various magazines. Here is our portfolio:

The truth is that I got bored yesterday and went a little crazy on this website. :-)

Sneaky Sneaky

Whenever Audrey wants to do something naughty, she will go into a room and close to door behind her. It is always a give away that she is up to something...and the funny thing is that if she wouldnt close the door I probably wouldn't suspect her at all. The lighting is bad in her room, so in case you can't tell what she is doing, she is trying to eat a piece of gum...which she knows she is not allowed to have. Also, you can turn the music off by going to the very bottom of the page and clicking the pause button.

Ready to go Swimming!

Me and Audrey go to the pool a few times every week. Both of us love it. Audrey is getting very good at swimming...with her lifejacket on. It is cute to see how much she loves the water.

I bought her this noodle to play with when she goes swimming, but I am pretty sure that she has more fun with it outside of the pool than inside.

She loves to borrow my goggles.