Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Riding Around

This girl and her stuffed animals...

Seriously, could she be any cuter??  Audrey really has a special bond with her beloved stuffed animals.  She has 3 generously sized storage bins full of animals (not to mention the ones on and under her bed) and she loves EVERY single one of them!!  I thought it was adorable that she wanted to take Bear (in her top 2 favorite animals) for a bike ride.  

Shirley Temple

I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies, and I wanted to keep the tradition going with Audrey.  My Mom sent her 6 Shirley Temple movies for her birthday last year, and we have watched them.  Audrey and Phoenix LOVE them.  Adorable kid, singing, dancing...what's not to love?  So when Audrey had to do her "Wax Museum" project for school, Shirley Temple was her number 1 choice.  Both of us enjoyed doing research on Shirley Temple.  I was surprised when I asked Audrey which "look" she wanted and she chose the ballerina from A Little Princess.  I was surprised because that is the exact outfit I would have chosen for myself.  

I used a pink leotard (regrettably one size too big) as the base and then I added the sleeves, neckline, and a full (as in 14 yards of tulle full) skirt. 

Audrey did a great job on her presentation!  Shirley Temple is one of the few child actors who did not turn out completely messed up.  It must be partly because of her parents, but also hugely because of her own personal decisions.  Her movies stopped being extremely popular, her contract ended, and she, for the most part, just moved on and had a great life.  Definitely role model material.  

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Leah's (be-lated) Birthday

Both Leah and my parents came out to see Audrey's dance recital.  Lucky girl!!  We celebrated Leah's birthday a little over a week after her actual one.  Audrey went to town making gifts for Leah.  

Leah got hooked up with a book, written and illustrated by Audrey, and 2 necklaces, a bracelet, and a ring (also from Audrey).

Phoenix realized that he did not have anything for Leah, so he quickly drew her a picture of her and him toget

Hanging out

Today while I was hard at work cleaning the house, Phoenix was just hanging out...

 ...in his room, with a barrel of popcorn, some milk, and his leap pad.

I am really going to miss this little guy when he goes off to Kindergarten.  I don't know what I will do, I have SO much fun with him.

Stagville Plantation

When we were making plans for my parents visit, my Mom requested to go to a Plantation.  The closest "big one" to us that I could find was in Durham.  I love history, and I love learning.  The grand plantation house is privately owned, so we could not tour that, but we got to see almost everything else.  

I looked over randomly and Audrey was holding Phoenix...cue the "awws"!

If you look closely at the middle brick, you can see the toe prints of a young slave child.  It is so sad.  

This was the biggest barn in NC at the time, some of the beams were hand carved, and others were machine smoothed.  It was massive!!

Interesting fact for all of you American Girl geeks like myself.  This plantation was the inspiration for the Addy American Girl Doll.  For some of you, that may mean nothing, but I found it fascinating!

Audrey's Dance Recital

My sweet little Audrey had her dance recital last Saturday.  She was absolutely adorable!!  I can't wait to get the video recording of her during the performance!!

It brought so many good memories back!!  Me and Leah spent many years in ballet, and we both really enjoyed it!  It makes me so proud (in a teary, choked up, mother sort of way) to see Audrey dance.  And it was SO special to have Leah and my parents there!!   

Strawberry Picking 2014

We go strawberry picking almost every year, and this year we got to go with Aunt Leah (my sister).  We have been with both Jessie and Joanna in the past, and it was fun to have Leah there this time.

After the picking was all done, we ate some delicious homemade ice cream, Phoenix played in the sand box, and the girls hung out on the swing.  It was perfect weather for a perfect day!