Friday, September 21, 2012

School Pictures

Audrey has kinda lost her perfect smile in pictures over the last two years.  I thought that she was incapable of doing a "normal smile", either she would be doing a overly excited expression, or a fake (and lame) smile with squinty eyes.  Needless to say I had very low expectations for her school pictures.  Imagine my surprise when I opened the envelope the picture envelope and saw this!!

Isn't she adorable??  I was shocked, and so proud!  

Saturday, September 15, 2012

First Soccer Game

Last Saturday Audrey had her first soccer game, that morning she was moping around saying that her team would be the losers, and that she would never score a goal.  It turned out to be a tie, and Audrey was so excited to be on the "winning" team.  Her attitude this week was much better.

 Audrey surprised me and actually went after the ball most of the time.  There were definitely some times when she would keep running way past the ball, but she is getting better all the time.
 The coaches were awesome about letting every player get a chance to do everything.  It was fun for all of the kids, and it was surprisingly fun to watch.
 Audrey's favorite part was the tunnel...she has asked to look at this picture at least 4 times.
This week the team that they play had a few very good players on it, they totally beat us (I would guess that the final score was 25-3), but Audrey had no clue, she just kept talking about how her team was the best, and the fastest, and the strongest.  I was glad that she was blissfully unaware ;-) .

Phoenix's 1st Day of School

When me and Phoenix toured this preschool in the summer he was more than a little devastated that he could not play on the playground that day, so you can imagine his joy when we came back for his first day of school and he knew that he could stay and play.  

He was so excited that I could not get him to look at the camera!

His teacher is like a local grandma, she is so wonderful and loving!  Phoenix is always excited to go to school to see his "frens".  I love sending him to a place that I know he is loved and taken care of.  Yay for school!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Arizona Trip: Part 5

The wedding.  

Heather looked...breathtaking.  Her dress is what every bride wished theirs looked like (myself included), her hair was soft and romantic, her make-up enhanced her natural beauty.  Travis keeps talking about how good John's suit looked, so together Heather and John made a stunning couple.

Here are some pictures from the reception:

 Out-of-town Aunties.  These fabulous women (plus Uncle Kent) came down from Idaho and Utah to celebrate with Heather.  It was fun to have a few people that I knew there!

 Audrey and the candy table...

 Trav with his favorite (and only) brother, and Janae.
 Janae did all of the floral arrangements for the wedding (including bridal bouquet, corsages, and boutiniers (my spelling is WAY off, but the spell check suggestion to correct it was , Travis and Jared hung the lights...
 John did the writing, amazing write (haha)?

 The cake cutting.  I was the self appointed photographer for the reception (much to John's annoyance haha),  although my photographer skills are extremely limited to...none...I did manage to grab a few shots that made me proud, the cake cutting series being my favorite.  

 Here is the back of Heather's dress if you are like me and were interested...
 Janae said after this picture was taken "Oh, I look tired, but I guess that is appropriate!".  Janae worked SO HARD on this, she spent months gathering ideas, vintage pink glass (which included a nail biting bidding war on ebay with none other than her own sister!), etc.  She did Heather's wedding hair, she made her wedding jewelry (which looked awesome by the way).  The weeks before the wedding were intense and long for her, but she did a great job! Everyone at the venue (that worked there) kept coming up and complimenting all of the different elements.  Everything turned out awesome!!
 I am pretty sure that John's brother did this, but whoever it was...such a cute idea!!!
 A random picture from the temple with Heather and John's sisters.  Gorgeous, right??
 I was so privileged to be involved with some of the elements of this day.  It was so special to see Heather and John in the temple being sealed for time and all eternity.  It was exciting helping her get into her wedding dress and primp her hair, touch up make up etc.  My favorite part of the day was when John saw Heather for the first time in her wedding gown, I may or may not have shed a tear (or more).  Pure and perfect love.  John is an awesome addition to our family, and I could not be happier for both John and Heather.  Love you guys!!  

Arizona Trip: Part 4

There was a bridal shower, but I took pictures with Heather's camera so I have no photo documentation of that event.  We had the family dinner on Thursday night at John's parents house.  His Mom and sisters made some delicious mexican food...I think Mexican food might be the best party food.  The dessert...let me say this: 1)mint chocolate chip ice cream, 2) oreo cookie crust, 3) Hot fudge drizzles....yeah, it was tasty!

The happy couple...

 I snapped some pictures of the kids, they spent most of the time in the basement playing.  Never underestimate the value of having a separate floor for the little ones to play, our basement has changed our lives.

 John's talented Mom, sisters, and sisters-in-law sang "Going to the Chapel Temple", something about being related makes harmonizing so much better.  It was beautiful.  Next time Heather will be up there with them ;-)

It was fun to get together with both sides of the families, we are all so happy for Heather and John!!