Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Arizona Trip: Part 4

There was a bridal shower, but I took pictures with Heather's camera so I have no photo documentation of that event.  We had the family dinner on Thursday night at John's parents house.  His Mom and sisters made some delicious mexican food...I think Mexican food might be the best party food.  The dessert...let me say this: 1)mint chocolate chip ice cream, 2) oreo cookie crust, 3) Hot fudge drizzles....yeah, it was tasty!

The happy couple...

 I snapped some pictures of the kids, they spent most of the time in the basement playing.  Never underestimate the value of having a separate floor for the little ones to play, our basement has changed our lives.

 John's talented Mom, sisters, and sisters-in-law sang "Going to the Chapel Temple", something about being related makes harmonizing so much better.  It was beautiful.  Next time Heather will be up there with them ;-)

It was fun to get together with both sides of the families, we are all so happy for Heather and John!!