Friday, August 24, 2012

Arizona Trip: Part 3

 A boat trip when we visit Grandpa is a MUST!  We all love it!!  This was Phoenix's first time on the boat (shocking!!) and he was a little pro.  We really could not have gotten luckier with the weather, it was cloudy (gasp!), and in the 80's when we went (triple gasp!  Hyperventilating!...seriously, calm down!!).

 I asked Phoenix to say "cheese" and I got this...

 Travis said that he wanted to get a picture of me falling (statistically speaking that wasn't too hard since I fell a lot...lets blame it on my weak muscles).

 The kids were too young to wakeboard, but they had a lot of fun swimming around (the boat was off in case you were wondering).
 Janae was being attacked by the cutest sharks ever...
 Pretty girls...

 Jared revealed that he used to be a "diving machine", pretty cool if you ask me!

 Travis tried to find a way to make the towel on his head look good...he failed.  But at least he is still my handsome hubby underneath it (cue the "awws").
 Audrey was really timid this boat ride, she didn't want to try driving the boat, but Phoenix was ready and willing, and he took his job very seriously.
 10 minutes into the car ride home.
Thanks to Grandpa for taking us out on the boat!!  We had a blast!!