Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Hairy Tale

After the success of Willy Wonka, both kids were excited to be able to do another play.  Unlike Willy Wonka, this was an ensemble play, which meant that everyone has sizable parts, including Phoenix!  Both kids had between 20-30 lines to memorize.  Audrey is extremely good at memorizing, but I was really concerned with how Phoenix would do.  We practiced, practiced, practiced, and both kids knew all of their lines.  Audrey was a Queen and Phoenix was a reporter.  Both had originally wanted to be peasants, it was a sad day for them when I told them what they had been cast as.  Phoenix literally threw himself on his bed in tears!  Audrey was horrified at the idea of having to wear a nice dress and, heaven forbid, make up.  Both kids soon warmed up to their roles, and ended up having a lot of fun.   

These kids are from our ward.  Audrey has such a fun time with Lonna!  

Both Bryce's parents and we agreed that the highlight of the play (in our humble parent opinions) was Audrey and Bryce.  Awww!

It has been amazing to see the confidence in the kids that they gained from doing this play!  It was amazing to see how much they could memorize, and how well they could deliver their lines!  

Fun at the Pool

Once again, another plug for getting yourself an underwater camera!  My friend let us borrow her pool key so that Jo, myself, and the kids could enjoy an afternoon of fun.  

So weird to see Audrey holding Joanna!!!  We had a great time with Jo, her visit seemed so short!!  In the past she has been able to come for weeks at a time, but this time with only 7 days, the time flew by.  

Myrtle Beach

I didn't take many pictures of us on the beach, probably because I was playing in the water the whole time with Jo!  Even pregnant women can still enjoy the ocean!!  I am normally not one for selfies, but these bring back such fun memories that I will post them despite my better judgement.  I am telling you, that underwater camera was a great purchase!!

We ate the best breakfast at Golden Griddle Pancake House.  I seriously want to go back to Myrtle Beach just to eat there!!  We also hit up Friendly's and had a satisfactory experience (normally the service is poor).  I always get the mozzarella sticks and french fries kids meal, and it tasted exactly how I dreamed it would this time!  It was a short trip, and MB was very crowded, but I am glad that we could squeeze it in.  

Medieval Times

We brought Jo to Myrtle Beach.  It was jam packed!  I don't think we will ever go there during a weekend in the summer again.  That said, we still made a lot of fun memories.  Last time we went to the Pirates Voyage, so we chose Medieval Times this visit.  Both of them are fun and worth going to.

Our night was the yellow night.  He really was one of the very best, but he got "knocked out" early in the tournament...pretty sure those things are rigged!

Phoenix has made a lot of progress in his picky eating.  He enjoyed a lot of his meal, and he rejected my offer to take his dessert.  ;-)

One of my favorite things about Medieval Times is getting to meet everyone after the show.  

Even though our knight did not win, we still had a great time!

Defy Gravity

Baby Jo came back from her mission in June!  She came out for a visit in August, and we were SO excited to see her!  We did a bunch of fun things, but once again, I couldn't participate in a lot of them.  Poor Jo made the most of it.  Travis helped both kids do backflips, and Jo mastered a front flip.  Travis was doing all kinds of crazy tricks and the little kids were trying their best to replicate them.  Poor Audrey got the wind knocked out of her, and it scared her pretty bad.  Luckily it happened at the end of our time there.  We got Big Macs from McDonalds afterwards, and they were so good!  I am still thinking about them!

Fantasy Lake

We had a work party at Fantasy Lake in August.  Unfortunately, most of the people couldn't show up.  Fortunately, the kids still had a great time!  They just love this place!  We grilled up some burgers and hot dogs, I ate a ton of hot dogs...and Phoenix was kind enough to share a few hot dogs with some fish.  

This is a place that they add new stuff to every year.  This year they had paddle boarding and this floating area with a bunch of floaties.  The weather was perfect!

Phoenix's 3rd 6th Birthday

How lucky is a kid that gets to celebrate turning 6 3 different times, in 3 different states??  

For his birthday dinner at home he chose hot dogs and mac n cheese.  I got him a cookies and cream ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins.  

Before Phoenix turned 6, getting older and taller and bigger is all that he would ever talk about.  But almost immediately after his birthday(s) he started to talk about staying little, and being a baby, and not wanting to get bigger.  I am totally OK with my little buggy staying little for as long as he can!  He is my sunshine, and my little cuddle buddy.  Sometimes he tells me that I look pretty.  He always gives me hugs and kisses when I ask for them.  He melts my heart over and over again every day.  I love my little bug!