Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Bear World

We finally made another trip out to Idaho!  Our last trip had been when Phoenix was only 1!  We flew into SLC and spent a few hours with some of my family members, and we somehow got lucky for our car rental and got "upgraded" to a mini-minivan as we called it.  It was a Mazda 6, and could fit 6 passengers.  We got to Ashton late that night, and the next day we went to Bear World in Rexburg.  It was absolutely a huge highlight for us during the trip.  

We got to have Brighton and Addison ride with us (thanks to our mini-minivan)!  Everything is funner with cousins!

Above is a goat of some sort, and below is an Albino Elk!

We obviously got to see a lot of bears when we were there.  They are so cute and adorable that I found myself forgetting that they were capable of eating humans!

We followed a truck that was feeding the bears, and we got a great view of their cuteness from behind!

Another fun thing about Bear World is the kid rides!  The kids had a great time!

The petting zoo was another highlight, Audrey became quite friendly with the deer family!  #livingherdream

Addison has an uncanny ability to catch ducks!  The girl has got talent!  She was overjoyed that there was a duck that she could play with.

Three words:  triplet baby deer.  How cute is that??  

We were missing Emerson in this picture, but we have everyone else.

Baby bear cubs.  Need I say more?

Bear World was a total blast for our family!  Both kids are still talking about it!