Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Phoenix's Birthday Party

Although Phoenix's real birthday wasn't until we had left Idaho, Grandma thought it would be fun to celebrate a few days early.  And it was FUN!  The men took the kids out on the boat whilst the women set up the decorations.  

It's not a party unless Spiderman is hanging lifelessly from the tree!

Phoenix was totally surprised!!!  This little boy is so sweet!  He was the happiest little buggy!

Even though Claire was about the same size as Spiderman, she still got in on the action!  She was much more interested once the candy started raining.

Our kids love silly string, and it was the perfect thing for a fun battle!

The big kids totally cheated during pin the tail on the donkey!  I remember doing the same when I was younger...something about beating the system is so satisfactory!

Baby Em sat out during the Silly String battle, but she had fun watching!

Phoenix had requested a blue cake for his birthday, and that is what he got.  He just loved being able to celebrate with all of the family!