Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Our Day in Salt Lake

Travis had to fly out after our pizza night with my brothers.  The kids and I slept in a hotel, ate a good (and free) breakfast in the morning, and then headed to Temple Square and the Conference Center.  

Conference weekends are one of our family's most favorite things.  We hole up for the weekend, eat good candy food, and we all choose individual projects to work on as we listen to conference.  I am a firm believer that busy hands make it easier to pay attention.  Because we enjoy conference so much, I thought the kids would enjoy a tour of the Conference Center. 

Here is a picture of Charles C. Rich, Travis's ancestor.  Pretty cool!  We read some family history stories before our trip out west, including some about Charles Rich.  

We met Sam for lunch at The Lion House, which I had never been to, I was pleased with the food.  We hit up the Utah History Museum, I got us in for free with my expired Marbles membership (hehe!).  After that, we met up with John and went to Antelope Island.  Audrey and I went there years ago, and we told Phoenix all about the baby shrimp, and that little boy HAD to see them.  He was literally talking about seeing the baby shrimp all day.  

One of my favorite things about the Salt Lake is that I can actually skip rocks there!  John was the best, it was amazing to see how far the rocks could go!

It was a beautiful time there, both kids came back with sandy/wet pants.  We said goodbye to my brothers because we were off to California that night!