Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Yellowstone was a must-do on our list.  The kids and I did some research on both Yellowstone and some of the animals that were there before we went, being prepared makes me appreciate everything more.  We hit the hotpots the first part of the day.

These were the biggest "smiles" I could get out of these two big kiddos!

Little Claire was so excited to be with the big kids!

These kiddos sure love their grandparents!!

We ate a picnic lunch and then waited for Old Faithful to go off.  Once she (or he?) did, the family with younger ones left the park, and we got to ride around with Grandpa in our car to spot some animals.  

We saw this little bear right off the side of the road!  Picture perfect!

Phoenix and Audrey loved seeing all of the animals!

As we were making our way out of the park we happened upon two coyotes munching on a deer.  Pretty cool to see the raw side of nature.

The beautiful sunset was the perfect ending to a perfect day!  We can't wait to go to Yellowstone again!