Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Island Park: Fishing

Uncle Jason knows how to make fishing fun for the little ones.  They couldn't wait to check his trap to find out how many minnows and crawdads were in there, and they would then terrorize play with the poor creatures until they were all dead gone.

Emerson was at the same age that Phoenix was when we came out here many years ago.  She handled the travelling like a trooper!

In a fight between a crawdad and a minnow...the crawdad won.  

Brighton, Addison, and Phoenix could not keep their hands off of the crawdads, the minnows, or the fish that they caught.  Audrey was an observer, but not so much into the touching (which is exactly how I am!).  Phoenix is still telling people about the crawdad wars!  These kiddos were in absolute heaven!