Tuesday, October 27, 2015


We got to California late at night, so Baby Alexis (as Phoenix calls her) was sleeping when we got there.  Both the kids and I crashed out and slept in...but Audrey woke up before we did.  She has a special bond with Alexis, it is so cute to see them together!  Alexis is shy around most people, but she has no reservations with Audrey and Phoenix.  It warms my heart!  On our first morning there Jess dressed Alexis in a shirt that said "Big Sister" on it.  I thought it was odd, because Alexis is the only one.  I concocted this whole scenario of how Brett's mom must have found that shirt on sale and bought it for Alexis...never thinking that it was actually Jess who had the news to share!  I felt really dumb when I connected the dots!  

Brett was generous enough to stay behind so that Jess could take us to Alcatraz.  We rode the ferry to San Fran.  The ticket guy let Audrey and Phoenix help him.  

We got our own audio devices to listen to on the tour.  Everyone was quiet and in their own world except for a certain little boy who could NOT stop asking questions!  He was especially fascinated with the visitors window.  

Picture of a picture.  #toocheaptobuy #saved20dollars  #wishIdidnthavetosneaksoitwasn'tblurry

I have always wanted to go to Alcatraz, it was a really cool experience for us!