Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Idaho Picture Wrap Up

We bought a water proof camera, I may or may not have mentioned it before, but it was an awesome purchase!  I am always scared that something is going to happen to my DSLR, but with my durable water proof camera I have no fears!  Here are the pictures I took with that camera during Idaho:  

Claire Bear and her daddy!

It was so cute, all of the big kids lined up and jumped in!  I even got in at some point because it was so hot!  That is saying a lot!

Here are the pictures from when we floated Big Springs, it was so beautiful and peaceful!  Last time we came to Idaho Travis stayed behind with a certain fussy little fella, while I got to float Big Springs.  I was glad we could go as a family this time.

Sometimes it is the little things, like soda, that make something a little more special.  

At some point we switched around the canoes and Jared took on all of the big kids, leaving me and Trav to ourselves.  Travis had fun playing splash wars with the kids.  

I missed out on the WOW, and I missed out on the wake-boarding, but I was glad that Heather took advantage of it!  

How cute are these two sisters??  I am so blessed to have these two in my life!  I couldn't ask for better sister-in-laws!!

Here are a few from the 4th.

Before we left Idaho, we were already talking about "next year".  We had the best time!  We did a ton of fun things, we experienced a different life, but my favorite part was just being together with family.  When you live far away from family, it makes your time together all the more precious.