Saturday, September 15, 2012

First Soccer Game

Last Saturday Audrey had her first soccer game, that morning she was moping around saying that her team would be the losers, and that she would never score a goal.  It turned out to be a tie, and Audrey was so excited to be on the "winning" team.  Her attitude this week was much better.

 Audrey surprised me and actually went after the ball most of the time.  There were definitely some times when she would keep running way past the ball, but she is getting better all the time.
 The coaches were awesome about letting every player get a chance to do everything.  It was fun for all of the kids, and it was surprisingly fun to watch.
 Audrey's favorite part was the tunnel...she has asked to look at this picture at least 4 times.
This week the team that they play had a few very good players on it, they totally beat us (I would guess that the final score was 25-3), but Audrey had no clue, she just kept talking about how her team was the best, and the fastest, and the strongest.  I was glad that she was blissfully unaware ;-) .