Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Shirley Temple

I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies, and I wanted to keep the tradition going with Audrey.  My Mom sent her 6 Shirley Temple movies for her birthday last year, and we have watched them.  Audrey and Phoenix LOVE them.  Adorable kid, singing, dancing...what's not to love?  So when Audrey had to do her "Wax Museum" project for school, Shirley Temple was her number 1 choice.  Both of us enjoyed doing research on Shirley Temple.  I was surprised when I asked Audrey which "look" she wanted and she chose the ballerina from A Little Princess.  I was surprised because that is the exact outfit I would have chosen for myself.  

I used a pink leotard (regrettably one size too big) as the base and then I added the sleeves, neckline, and a full (as in 14 yards of tulle full) skirt. 

Audrey did a great job on her presentation!  Shirley Temple is one of the few child actors who did not turn out completely messed up.  It must be partly because of her parents, but also hugely because of her own personal decisions.  Her movies stopped being extremely popular, her contract ended, and she, for the most part, just moved on and had a great life.  Definitely role model material.  


Wii are the Nelsons said...

how cute and what great memories