Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Stagville Plantation

When we were making plans for my parents visit, my Mom requested to go to a Plantation.  The closest "big one" to us that I could find was in Durham.  I love history, and I love learning.  The grand plantation house is privately owned, so we could not tour that, but we got to see almost everything else.  

I looked over randomly and Audrey was holding Phoenix...cue the "awws"!

If you look closely at the middle brick, you can see the toe prints of a young slave child.  It is so sad.  

This was the biggest barn in NC at the time, some of the beams were hand carved, and others were machine smoothed.  It was massive!!

Interesting fact for all of you American Girl geeks like myself.  This plantation was the inspiration for the Addy American Girl Doll.  For some of you, that may mean nothing, but I found it fascinating!