Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Baby!

It is no secret that Phoenix is my baby, I totally coddle this lil guy (I think it is because the rough patch...which lasted for a over and I am so grateful to have this happy lil guy in my life). Well, Phoenix has another Mommy it turns out. Who, you ask? A little girl in his preschool class. When Phoenix walks into class she runs over and says "My Baby!!!", and when I pick Phoenix up from school she is so sad that "her baby" has to go home. His teachers said that they are always buddies in the line (so they hold hands). I told this to Audrey and she said "Phoenix! You should be ashamed of yourself! We don't hold hands until we are married!" I am not sure he got the memo...and also not sure where Audrey got that from. I do remember telling her to save the passionate kissing for marriage, but I did not put restrictions on hand holding...yet. I met Phoenix's lil Mommy's Mom and she told me that her daughter talks about "her baby" ALL the time. It is so cute!