Friday, February 27, 2009

Audrey's Prayer

Audrey has always been good about saying prayers. The only thing is that she doesn't ever use actual words (unless you count "Amen"). She mumbles softly in a pleasant voice.

At the beginning of this week I asked her what she wanted for her birthday. (We have been talking about her birthday for at least a month already...birthdays are pretty much her favorite thing). She answered very clearly "a ladybug ringer". She calls rings "ringers". She inherited my love for ladybugs, and apparently my love for jewelry.

Later that day, while she was saying her prayer before her nap she specifically prayed for a ladybug ringer. So now my task as her trusted Mother is to find her the perfect ladybug "ringer". Girls are so much fun!


piaget1998 said...

That is so adorable!! Audrey is so sweet!

Joanna said...

It's soo funny that Audrey is so religious. haha. And Rach you really need to start posting more.

Leah said...

hahaha audrey is an example to us all :)