Saturday, February 21, 2009

Girls Weekend

Last weekend me and Jessie flew to Chicago to see Leah over the weekend. We spent most of Friday visiting various relatives in the Chicago area. It was great to see them! We had pizza for lunch and me and Jess got pizza for dinner. I only mention this because whenever my Dad would bring us to Chicago he always made sure that we got some authentic Chicago pizza. Let's just say that it blows chain pizza away! Me and Jess got to see Leah's apartment for the first time and it was very cute! It is furnished and decorated waay better than my place!
Saturday we took the train to Chicago. When we were younger we went to the Field Museum there, which has Mummies and other Egyptian things. I wanted to go back there while I was in Chicago because I had such a fun time there when I was younger. So after we got off the train we decided to walk to the Museum. It was only 1.4 miles away, not that far right? Wrong! We took a wrong turn which made us walk for at least another hour. Let's just say by the end of the day my hips were hurting so badly that I wanted to cry (if Travis had been there I probably would have). So the museum...

I thought this was so cool because you can still see the shape of this dude's nose! He was no Brad Pitt (or should I say Travis Andrew?) but it is awesome how well he was preserved! (I used to want to be an archaeologist that studied Egyptians).

Before you look at this next picture, I want you to guess who we thought it looked like. Here is a hint: King of Pop

Yes, I know, the glare is really bad. When Leah (hint hint) emails me a better picture I will replace it. So I thought this person looked familiar, and then Jessie said "this looks like Michael Jackson!" Yes, sadly this woman missing her nose does resemble him.

The rest of the weekend was fun and more relaxing than the first two days. Every girl needs some girl time once in a while!


Spencer and Jen said...

That's so funny that you wanted to be an egyptian archeologist- that was the only thing I ever wanted to do until I got to high school!hahaha

Leah said...

i started reading a historical fiction novel about frank lloyd wright and his mistress. so when i am finished i am gonna go check all the sights that have to do with him!