Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day at the BeAcH

Last Saturday Travis decided that we should go to the beach. We couldn't leave until about 2 in the afternoon, so we got there a bit later than I would have liked. The good news is that a lot of people were already gone from the beach, so the cigarette smoke was minimal (seriously, who still allows smoking in public?).

I love pictures like this...
One of the first things Audrey did when we got to the beach was make a sand angel. She loves playing in the sand.
Travis and Audrey dug this hole and Audrey insisted on being buried. Travis had to re-dig the hole about 6 times and then bury her.
It was fun to do something together as a family. We all love going to the beach, and Travis didn't bring his surfboard so that meant some quality one on one time with Audrey (I got to relax).


Nick and Jen said...

I am so jealous that you can just pick up and go to the beach whenever!!! What a fun day! I love those days...can't wait to have one at the beach! :)

Happy Birthday to ideas and such a beautiful little girl...crazy it's been three years.

I also love your curls.

And Happy Anniversary! You two make a great couple and so happy that you two are so happy! So glad that Nick and I were able to be there for you special day four years ago!! Wow it seems like yesterday! :)

Kory said...

looks like y'all had fun. CJ loves playing in the sand and i can't wait to get her to the beach!

Monson Family II said...

Congratulations on the baby on the way! That is so great! I can't believe how grown up little audrey has become! What a cute little lady!

Kristin said...

What fun--the beach is so foreign to us as a family. It's cool you live so close to it you can just go for a day trip. And happy anniversary--four years has flown by. Audrey is so cute--what a big girl she is.