Sunday, June 24, 2012

Eloise Party

Audrey does not usually choose girly things (something I never really considered possible), so when she told me she wanted an Eloise themed birthday party I was shocked, and oh so proud.  How fun is this theme?  For those of you that don't know (probably many of you) Eloise is a book series, turned movie series.  Eloise is a spunky 6 year old who lives at the Plaza hotel in the 50's, raised by her English nanny, and constantly making mischief.  

 Birthday reel (wish I had realized the flash was on when I took this picture...)
 Trav sketched this, he did an awesome job!  I am planning on framing it and putting it in Audrey's room.
 I made Eloise headbands for all the girls and these top hats for the boys (well, I added the ribbon).  I wasn't sure how the boys would feel about them because of the pink, but they loved them!

 Two of my besties, Meg and April <3

 Doesn't Audrey look like Eloise?  Perfect!  Sometimes she wants me to call her Audrelese  (how does that compare to Reneesme?).
 I made her a cake that totally fell apart (in chunks) 15 minutes before the party (first and only time using a mix cake from now on).  Trav saved the day and got a close replica at Harris Teeter.  It even had the strawberry jam filling!
 We had a balloon room, story time, bubbles on the deck, and pin the bow on Eloise.  Things were a bit chaotic, but that is a sign that the kids had fun!!

So I invited Audrey's old flame, Andrew.  They spent the whole party together, and I *think* they rekindled their flame.  Talk about cute couple!!
This was my favorite party to date.  In the past I underestimated time that I had, and over estimated how much I could realistically do, but I am getting better about doing things way ahead of time, and taking shortcuts with the food preparation where I can.  I LOVED this theme, Audrey LOVED the party, we all had so much fun.  Next years theme (yeah, we usually start planning it the night after her party) is a nature/scientist theme.  Should be fun!!


janae said...

Everything is so adorable. I really wish we could have come.

Brave Brooke said...

This party looks awesome!! You did a great job!

Sarah Newsom said...

You are soo good at the whole party thing!! I need to get a few pointers from you.. I still have a few years to try and get it right :)

Megan said...

It was awesome!!! So much fun and everything was perfect. So glad we could be there. Love that girl!

Wii are the Nelsons said...

That looks like such a fun party - great decor and food! What a fun theme!