Sunday, June 24, 2012

Strawberry Fields

We totally missed strawberry picking last year, which means I had a year without strawberry freezer jam.  I was NOT going to make that same mistake again!  This summer has been so enjoyable, the weather was perfect (up until about a week ago), Audrey is her happy self, Phoenix has started to talk more and he is old enough to understand (and actually obey) words like "stop", "come back", "stay here".  Life changing.

 After we were done picking we got some delish homemade ice cream right there. I got butter pecan.  It was...heavenly.  I ate is so slow so that I could enjoy every last lick of it.  There was a sand pit for the kids to play in, and Phoenix was in heaven.
I made a ton of freezer jam, and now our freezer is stalked.  I thought I made more than enough to last the year, but we are already going through it faster than anticipated.  Oh...strawberry freezer jam, how I love thee!