Sunday, June 24, 2012

Nature field trip!

I got to go on a field trip with Audrey, it was to a nature place (I am trying to contain my excitement).  Although it was NOT my cup of tea, Audrey actually really enjoyed it.  She has already made some wonderful friends in her new school, and it was fun to see her with her new buddies.

I had NO interest in touching the snake, but Audrey was very excited to...
 This lady below had a 5 minute lecture on how important it was to avoid stepping on the bugs when the kids were walking around in the woods.  It was...enlightening intriguing who am I kidding?  It was so I the only one who thinks there are too many bugs in this world?  If we could totally eliminate ticks that would be great!  I am sure as heck not jumping on board to save the little critters (that would put my hubby out of a job after all).  You should have heard the lecture at lunch time about recycling (they had like 10 different bins for all of the different types of materials to go it; capri sun over there, plastic bags over there, milk cartons over here...).
 Cute girls...
Audrey had a TON of fun, as did everyone in her class.  I was glad to be able to go with her!


Brave Brooke said...

Did you feel a little like a spy in enemy territory seeing as they're tring to save bugs ;)