Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Drum roll please...

I recently acquired something that I have wanted desperately for a long time...years.  A camera that can actually take a decent picture!  Yay me!!!  And yay for you, because now you no longer have to look at my blurry, poorly lit, over-edited (due to total desperation) pictures!   Here is just a sampling of my new camera:

Trav was kind enough to pose (and pose he did!) for the first picture!
 (Let's pretend you don't see all of the junk on my junk counter #2...yes, I have 2!!)

 I literally squealed at this picture!!  Not because my unattractive hand is so close, but hello focus!  Sigh!
 Phoenix made a pretty good model...
The definition is not as sharp in this picture, but it was too cute to leave out!

So, instead of spending loads of time editing my so-horrible-it-could-induce-tears- photos from my old camera I posted these with absolutely no edits (not saying they are amazing, or that they shouldn't have editing, just that if I don't want to edit, I don't have to)!  I am so happy!!