Sunday, June 24, 2012

Zoo Trip!

In all of our many times going to the Asheboro Zoo, I do not think one of them has really been enjoyable, until this time.  I think it was because we always went on hot, humid, muggy, crowded days.  This time we purposely went during the week, and carefully picked out a weather friendly day.  Phoenix was old enough to enjoy everything, we didn't even bring the stroller!  

The zoo has a pretty decent playground filled with enlarged stuff to make the kids feel like they are bug sized.  So fun!

 There was this geizer (no idea how to spell it) that misted, so refreshing!  (oh, and I am pretty sure it is mad made)
 Gorillas and Zebras are my favorite.  This time there were 3 female gorillas, and one male.  When we walked up to the window one of the females (who was sitting much further away) looked over at Audrey and Phoenix, and walked right over to them.  It was definitely the coolest thing that I have ever seen at a zoo before. Phoenix was a little scared, Audrey loved it (of course).  I barely got my camera out in time to catch this photo.

We are already planning another trip in the fall.