Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pretty Pretty...Travis?

Raise your hand if Pretty Pretty Princess is was your favorite game.  ME! ME! Pick ME!  OK, to say that I loved this game is an understatement, I was obsessed with it, but I had to keep it in check, so as not to look like a total freak.  I did not own this game, but I had a friend who did.  When I saw it in a store a few months ago all of those years of longing, yearning, dreaming (you get the picture, right?) came back and I put the game in my cart.  Audrey was a little apprehensive of the game, princesses aren't exactly her thing, but I am thrilled to report that she totally loved it.  We have been playing it a lot lately, and she had the idea to play it for our family night activity (after the lil fella went to sleep).  We had a lot of giggles about how Trav would handle it.  He was resistant at first, but I am pretty sure he had fun (winning will do that to you).


Brave Brooke said...

With four girls in our house we totally had this game and many pictures of our dad with all the jewelry on. We also obsessed over Mall Madness and Dream Phone! I can still quote both of them.

Heather Macbeth said...

I have VERY fond memories of playing pretty pretty princess with my teenage guy babysitter. Aaaahhh. So fun.

I think they should create a grown up version with Tiffany's jewelry or something. I'd be up for it. :)

P.s. totally jealous of your new camera. Ben and I have always said that our next camera will be an actually nice camera, so when I sort of broke it at the beach this past weekend I thought our day had come. But Ben just has to fix everything.... oh well. Maybe I'll "accidentally" break it again.