Sunday, June 24, 2012


 Everything has been so much funner this year.  The reason?  BOTH kids can enjoy basically everything!!  Including holidays.  My pictures are scanty for Easter this year, and as you can see...blurry...but here is what we have:

Audrey's favorite Easter candy is Cadbury eggs, and her big chocolate bunny.  Phoenix's was all of the chocolate, and the Reeses eggs (Audrey gave hers to Phoenix).  I had cute outfits for them to wear but I totally forgot to take pictures of them!

The house that we moved into had an unfinished basement with rusty nails exposed, so we fixed it up, made it safe, and turned it into a playroom.  One of the kids surprises on Easter morning was the playroom being finished (enough for them to play in anyway).  We had our Easter egg hunt down there, I am pretty sure that Audrey won.