Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ward Campout

We attempted camping a few years ago.  It didn't go well.  We were scarred.  Two years later, we started warming up to the idea of camping again.  Our ward had a camp out, so it was the perfect opportunity to try it out.  We got there late, so it turned dark pretty quickly. I didn't get a lot of shots.  

The kids had TONS of fun, we attached glow bracelets to them so that we could keep tabs on them in the dark.  I highly recommend that.  We got to talk with some people that we hadn't really crossed paths with before, and we made new friends.  

It rained the day that we went camping (earlier), so our car was completely cleaned off.  The next morning our car was covered in pollen again.

Phoenix and Audrey had a wonderful time.  Me and Travis have been talking about bringing our kids out camping again ever since.  It is such a free feeling knowing that we are finally at a stage that we can go camping with our kids, and have it be fun!