Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Christmas in NY

Here are some of my favorite pictures from Christmas at my parents house this year:

I am not sure how I transitioned from being really cute, to being super dorky.  But it did happen...hopefully I can spare Audrey from this awkward phase?

Grandma was teaching the kids how to wrap presents.  Phoenix was a little more into it that Audrey was, lol.

Ever since I was probably 8, I had wanted an American Girl doll.  Me and my sisters would pour over the magazines, selecting outfits that we would buy, and making plans for how we would play with them.  None of us ever got one.  Lets just say that it has been an unfulfilled dream for many years.  Audrey's Christmas list was about 3 items long:  A stuffed tiger, binoculars, and one other small item.  I think that Santa was starting to sweat a little bit, but then an AG magazine came in the mail...and things spiraled out of control from there.  

Audrey has loved pugs for a little while now, Jessie got her the perfect shirt!

Leah hooked everyone up with awesome presents this year.  This is Michelle opening her Kate Spade purse from Leah.  Merry Christmas to us!!

This was one of my favorite gifts, because it is so funny.  I am always telling people to take a tums, especially over the holidays when we eat so much rich food.  I still laugh about this!!

Christmas dinner was delicious!  We had tons of food, and it was so fun to be with almost everyone from my family.  We missed John and Brooke.  

This was the first time we went home for Christmas since Phoenix was born.  He was a complete nightmare a little difficult to travel with.  It was fun singing Christmas Carols, decorating the tree with the ornaments from my childhood, and to be with so much family.  Jessica was pregnant with Alexis at the time, so I was really glad we got to see her then.  It was an awesome Christmas.