Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Audrey's Christmas Dance Class

You can always count on Audrey for a funny face :-)

Audrey's dance class had a little nutcracker dance day, the girls chose if they wanted to be Clara (and wear nightgowns), or the sugarplum fairy (and wear tutus).  Audrey loves her jammies, so of course she chose to be Clara.  

She really has some natural talent, I am so proud of her when I watch her dance. 

Phoenix would LOVE to take a dance class, he spent the whole time wanting to join in.  

I thought it was really fun how they involved the girls in the nutcracker.  The Nutcracker was always a huge part of the Christmas season for me.  


Grace Figueroa said...

Nice pictures you got here. I wanna do that in time. I should go now maybe to some dance classes Phoenix.