Sunday, June 23, 2013


One Saturday we told the kids that we had a surprise for them.  We didn't tell them what.  We got to the arena, and the kids were curious and confused.  And then the Monster Trucks came out.  They were both terrified.  I had been expecting screams of joy and excitement.  After a few minutes they calmed down and began to enjoy it.  

Well...we are officially rednecks now.  The guy in front of us kept turning around and giving Travis high-fives and fist bumps when a truck would do something cool.  It was kind of hilarious.  It still makes me laugh to think about it.  

The kids had a blast, and they went home and played monster trucks.  I am pretty sure we will be going back next year.  It was so fun!!


Kristen said...

This may be the best post yet. :) you are officially southerners now! The fist bumping made me laugh, too!