Sunday, June 23, 2013

Audrey's Birthday Party

In the last few years I have spent so much time planning and preparing for parties, this year I wanted to just focus on Audrey a few select friends.  It was easy, it was laid back, and it was honestly my favorite party yet.  

The girls came over and they made their own pizzas.

Then they colored on plates with permanent markers (thanks pinterest).  

Audrey drew the cutest tiger on her plate.

Then we went on a scavenger hunt.  Each of the girls took turns reading clues.  

For the last clue Phoenix grabbed the paper and started saying random words, like he was reading it.  It was truly adorable!

The prize was a box full of candy.  Think pinata, without the blindfold, and kids waving around a stick. 

And then we had a silly string fight.  

And then the girls made their own sundaes for dessert.  They had a ton of fun making them, but they did not have much interest in eating them.   

All of the girls (especially Audrey) had a blast!  After seeing how fun this party was, I am going to work more low key parties like this into our rotation.